Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Loveliness of Good Friends

We have had so many wonderful things written to us at the loss of Abby...

Even today we got a card from Tweedles and her mommies in 
Oregon... telling us how much they will hold our little girl in 
their hearts. 

We cherish them so much. 

Here is something else that came today in the mail... 
and which we will cherish forever... it is a
gift for our new house. 

Ramona, the Japanese Redneck, is not just a talented rider and benefactress of dogs and cats... she is also a talented seamstress and mosaic artist.  She sent us this beautiful wall hanging for the new house. 

Here is a closeup of her beautiful work... and as you see... it says "Home" on the right hand side of the heart. 

Thank you, Ramona and Ronny... we will always treasure it. 

This guy got to come home... and is feeling considerably better.  He will have weekly checkups for a while. 


We were going to move this cabinet today, while Chris was here... and I went into the new 
henhouse to get it ready (i.e., dusting it off)... and BOO!  Someone was there before me. 

After I took his picture, he slithered down onto the floor... and... we left the cabinet for today. 
Almost brand new, it got dusty so fast that I never used it for the last year and a half, so we are going to clean it up and bring it over here for the garage. 

Chris will be back in three weeks so we can move things to the fairgrounds for the next auction... and then the following week... we will get the dumpster in and do the final clean-up. 


I'm worn out going back and forth. 

Don't look now... look what's growing in the south flower bed! 

I'm leaving it, just to see what happens... in fact, I'm going to put a cage over it. 


Next week... I'm going to take two hours, go over to the old place, and work in the perennial beds.  While the kids worked today, I pulled weeds.  I've left some hoes and rakes there, and a shovel, and I'm going to do a general clean-up.  I have some straw that I bought for the henhouses, and I'll use it to mulch instead. 
We are about to have a HUGE display of flowers. 

The (almost) empty deck. 

The two responsible for all the heavy lifting in the last two days, and I caught each in 

I can't tell you how much they have helped, loading and unloading the truck and the HHR three times today, and they are cutting the grass here right now. 

They are going to a movie tonight, I'll drive them over... they don't get to go very often because there is no movie in Garnett... so this is a treat.  I'm so glad to drop them off and go back for them. 

We are about worn out, they more than I. 

I'll run to church in an hour, and then afterwards, take them to their movie... and 
in the morning, we will drive south again.  

Thanks again to Ramona and Ronny for our wonderful house-warming gift... 
and all of your kind words for our little girl lost. 


  1. What a beautiful gift! And good to hear he's feeling better.

  2. i am so glad your hubs is coming home! i keep thinking about abby. it is so sad but you gave her such a good life and so much love. you are so lucky to have such good helpers! i need some help around here!

  3. It's wonderful to hear that Keith is home again. I know you have to be one thankful gal. I'm so glad you have those young people to help you out, what a blessing they are. Hope you have a lovely evening and get some rest.

  4. That mosaic is gorgeous! I'm glad Keith is feeling better -- and lastly, I cannot get over how many HUGE snakes you have out there!

  5. Mary Ann
    your helpers are "hero's" in our eyes. We are grateful to them too for helping you and Keith out!
    And were so glad Keith got better!! yay! yay!
    that little volunteer tomatoe plant will have some nice tomatoes-- we think so!!
    The modaic gift is so beautiful Mary Ann,, what a treasure!

  6. What a tough time you've been through. Wish I could give you a big ole hug, or better yet, wish I could help with the lifting and cleaning. All I can do is think of you and send my best wishes.

  7. WOW is all I can say!

    Glad you have such great
    helpers. Your heart is beautiful.

    M : )

  8. I'm so glad you like it Mary Ann. Looks like I matched the colors pretty good too.

    I'm glad Keith is better.

    Lordy, I know you are worn out. Thank goodness for your great helpers.

  9. Yea for wonderful help! That heart is certainly beautiful.


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