Tuesday, June 24, 2014

More Little Worlds

This perfect robin's nest fell out of the Bradford Pear that split last week. 

The clutch had already hatched and fledged, we think. 

In the same tree, a little higher up... was another nest, hidden in the leaves and branches. 
I'm telling you, little worlds are all around us! 

I have been doing cleanup on the side of the house... and the barberries are slowly being cut back. 
They are NOT fun to cut, and I hand-clip. 

Same bushes, the week after we moved in. 

They were so long they were laying on the stone wall, almost to the ground. 


This is our new tv stand, on the right.  
That is my old desk, on the left, that has seen better days.  Tomorrow, it is 
going to be loaded in the back of my car, and go to a furniture refinisher to be re-done. 
It is perfectly sturdy, just worn out a little, and the folks in this shop, a husband and wife, 
do the nicest re-makes.  When I drop it off, I'll take some pictures of pieces they have finished and 
have for sale. 

Here's our happy girl and her daddy, watching the Royals when I got home from Jax's baseball game at 7:15.  I have had so much fun this spring and summer, watching Jacob and Jax play soccer and 
tee ball.  Keith bemoans the kids who play with their video games all the time, 
but I'm here to tell you there are hundreds, maybe thousands in this area who are still involved in sports, and whose parents and grandparents are at every game, cheering them on!  

Go Piper Pirates!


  1. And you know how to find the beauty in all those worlds!

  2. That barberry grows wild around here. I hate the stuff. I can't imagine people actually plant it on purpose:)

    I'm glad to see everyone looking well!

  3. Mary Ann,

    It's good to see Keith home and smiling!!!

    I think I would have to pull those barberry plants if I had to clip them all by hand.

    Your place looks really nice, and I like your new TV stand. I can't wait to see your desk when it comes home re-done. It's one of those desks that I love, and it's made really well.

  4. i planted barberries behind my fence to keep out interlopers! natures barbed wire!

  5. So true there are many little worlds going on all around us. Slowing down to take a look is when we find them and I guess it is good to slow down now and then. Sports are good for kids, just as any outside activities. I remember when my own would only come in for food. The entire day would be spent outdoors. We continue to have a lot of rain here.

  6. I planted barberry around our fountain... not realizing when I purchased the small bushes that they had THORNS!!!... UGH!.. the bush is very pretty though.

  7. I can't way to see what they do to your pieces.

    I'm going to have the hubby pull up several bushes that have gotten out of hand in the flower bed with Rusty the Tractor.

    Those kids are precious.

  8. I'd never put a barberry where it would need to be trimmed. They are perfect for edging yards and discouraging shortcuts, though. Great picture of Keith and his faithful sidekick :-) I know your children and grandchildren appreciate your interest in the ballgames. I see so many couples and families with their eyes glued to their Smartphones .

  9. The desk looks really nice now.
    Lily & Edward

  10. Oh those barberries are wicked! You are brave to keep them.
    We had some around a house once, and after a season, I determined that they needed to be replaced with a kinder and gentler bush ***smile**.

    Good for you, cheering the Grands on. That is something they shall always remember with a fond heart.

    May the rest of your week be good.

  11. Your bushes have really greened up nicely, and look so happy to be trimmed! I know how prickly they are...there aren't many things sharper than barberry thorns!


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