Monday, June 23, 2014

Catching Up for the Week

I don't know where the time goes, I haven't posted since last Wednesday!

We were so busy getting ready for Keith's parents to stay the weekend, and I just couldn't find time to sit and look through pictures, or even take many!

You may laugh and wonder why I am showing you a platter of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

They were so cute with the gummy bears intertwined, and a big hit with the kids, AND some of the adults!  

They were thick and gooey, and yes, I had one!

Here's Keith with his mom and dad, Trudy and Ralph Yoder. 

I didn't realize he and his mom were color-coordinated at our get-together... but the folks came 
down Friday night, and left Saturday after the party to go home to Ames. 

Our sweet little granddaughter, Brynn Allison, will have a little sister 
to play with in September. 

Papaw Yoder did some baby-dandling on his knee with Carson. 

And Big Brother Jace was everywhere at once!

There was lots of playing with balls and bubbles....

And driving around in the yard. 

By the time everyone was gone, Keith and I were worn out ... I hurried off to church... and 
was able to sleep in yesterday morning.  We spent a very quiet day resting... and then 
went to a T Bones game at 5:05. 

We saw this contraption parked in the handicapped parking.  What a GREAT idea... a 
wheelchair sidecar!

And there goes Team Mascot Sizzle, waving to everyone from the back of the Lakeside Speedway truck... while two race cars were exhibited.  The kids in black stepping out of the way were there to sing the National Anthem. 

Skies were balmy... but it was very hot and humid. 

By fourth inning, this had started to happen.... and Keith and I kept our eyes on it. 
We were still very tired... 

So at the top of the sixth, we decided to start for home.  We drove home through pounding rain. 
(The game was called in the seventh). 

And the evening ended up overcast and wet.  

We have clouds again today, but rain chances reduced from 80% to 40%, and so far, we have had no drops. 

Keith's daughters, Amber and Andrea, and sons-in-law, Jesse and Nick, have offered to 
come and help us on the 12th at the old house, to blow out as much as we can in one day's work 
on the property, to help get it ready for renting.  We are so grateful for this, because Keith's health is still dicey, and trying to do so much was going to be hard on us.  I am going to get Chris and Haleigh, and we will get as absolutely much done in one day as we can.  What a relief it will be to Keith and me to have the house ready for a rental agent to handle it, and not have the responsibility of going out there regularly to check on things. 

I know I'm remiss in reading some of your blogs, and I apologize for that.  
I'll try to get caught up this week. 


  1. What a beautiful family you have! The grand kids are absolutely adorable! And I know how you feel about being worn out after they leave. I had my grands for 5 days recently and although I missed them when they left, it was nice to have a little peace and quiet in the house again. :)

  2. It sounds like lots of fun was had your house!
    The kids are cuties, for sure.

    Glad you will be having lots of help to get the
    house reafy for rent! I am sure that is a load
    off your minds.

    M : )

  3. Oh the family photos are treasures!!! What a good time!
    Those sandwiches look so good.
    We are having blogger issues,, others are too.
    We are happy that the helpers will be there soon to help you and Keith get the house ready for rent.

  4. 1st off, don't worry about our'll get to them when you can.
    Glad you got to see all the family. Cute grands. Keith looks like his Mom.
    Yea for all the help. All of you will get it knocked out before you know it.


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