Sunday, June 15, 2014

More Rain, Wind and Baseball

Yesterday we had a lovely day, with clouds going in and out... though it was 
windy.  The wind built throughout the day. 

Grandson Jaxton had a scheduled noon tee ball game... and 
then at 2:30, they were to make up a rained-out game from earlier this week. 
So... we went to the park at noon... watched that game... then son Jim took 
wife Amy and Jax to her family reunion at Wyandotte County Lake for lunch...
and then met me back at the ball park at 2:30 for the second game. 

I had not planned on going to the second game, but I was SO GLAD I did. 

Here's Jax on first base.  
I love this tee ball team.  There are four coaches, one woman and three men... and they are all out 
on the field during the game, directing the kids ("Throw it home, throw it home!")  They encourage the kids from the other team as well... you see, no score is kept... and errors are not noted. 
However... yesterday... Jax hit 3 home runs... and also caught 4 pop flies for outs, and caught and threw the ball to first base and got 4 more people out. 

At the end of the game, the umpire presented the game ball to the Pirates... this has never happened before. 
The Pirates had a circle and Coach Jessica talked to all of them... and I need to say that by this time, they were all exhausted from two games and blowing wind. 

Anyway... she explained about the game ball... and that they were going to award to the Most Valuable Player of the Game...


I got goosebumps... even though the kids really didn't get it.  Jax lives and breathes Baseball.  When Jim gets home from work at night... he begs to go out in the yard and throw some balls before Jim can relax. 

But here's the best thing about the whole deal...

Neither one will ever forget these times. 

I stopped at the old house on my way to church to get something... whew... the lillies are strugging to be seen.  

Keith and I just talked... I am going to go out there and work on these beds in about two weeks, spending (I hope) three days getting things in order in them. 

He's going to cut the dead bushes out for me with the chain saw... whew. 

The yucca is all blooming on the sides of our road. 

And it's hard to see here, but the fragrant umbels of the milkweed are also blooming... they are hard to see... but so sweet to smell! 

This picture does NOT do this guy justice.  He was a BIG turtle.  He even had moss on his back, do you see it?  

He was in the middle of Highway 59, on my way to Garnett.  I drove over him... carefully... and pulled over in front of a single house surrounded by fields.  As I walked back to where he was... a man came running out of the house.  We walked together up the highway, and somehow, everyone coming down the highway managed to avoid the turtle.  

From a distance, we thought he was a snapper, and they are dangerous to move... however, as we got closer we realized he was a BIG painted box turtle.  The man moved him to the verge with his boot, and then I asked him to please move him into the grass where he was headed, and he did.  I thanked him... he told me his daughter had seen something in the road out the window, and asked him to look at it.  

When we returned 30 minutes later, going north to our house... the turtle was gone into the grass. 

I saw at least 7 other turtles today, in terribly hazardous places.  This was the only one I could help. 

I stopped in Lawrence for a moment to return a milk jug to Iwig Dairy.  I took a picture of this 
beautiful little garden at the foot of their stairs.  Small it size, it packs a wonderful punch, doesn't it? 

The boys and I stopped at the old house to meet a friend who was picking up some things 
she had bought from us.  This little guy was in the chicken yard and hopped onto my shoulder for a ride. 

The old henhouse yard... has almost no sun getting through to dry it out.  The canopy of trees has met overhead, and I would have had a LOT of trimming to do in there this spring.  

The spot on the right is where the duck pond was. 

I had told my friend she could have the little white grow-out pen for her chicks, and Christopher cut a path to it through the foliage with the corn knife... but we could not budge it... and it has to be lifted over the fence to get it out.  We had to leave it. 

My friend Diane and the three boys DID manage to get the 4 x 4 pen out into the yard OVER the fence... and Christopher got stung by a wasp in the process.  It is in the yard, waiting for her to pick it up with a friend's truck. 

And here's our front yard this morning... the biggest Bradford Pear (a notoriously weak tree) split in two during the strong winds last night.  Keith will cut it up this week and we'll run it to the transfer station. We were going to cut the whole tree down... but we haven't decided yet. 

We are working all day tomorrow at the old house to get things to the consignment sale which will be held on Saturday at the fairgrounds in Tonganoxie.  In a few weeks, we hope to get the dumpster in to dispose of everything else, and then we'll work on the house and get it ready to rent. 
Yes, it hurts to see my henyards overgown, but, as Diane said, someone will move in, get chickens, and they'll be cleaned up in no time! 


  1. Congrats Jax! Way to go.

    Our yard looked like a jungle. Mower was broke. He got it fixed and mowed, needed it 3 days later.....

  2. Oh we are soooo proud of that little grandboy....what a great job he did!!!!!!
    stella rose

  3. Yay yay yay Jax!!!
    Way to go!

  4. It looks like you have a budding baseball player, and he's so cute too! What an exciting night. We have had so much wind and rain that most of my granddaughters' softball games have been rained out. We have a Bradford Pear that lost several huge limbs during one of the high wind storms. Good luck with the selling and packing up. laurie

  5. Watching those little ones is so much fun
    Lily & Edward

  6. Taking time out to enjoy the little ones is never a waste of time. Your little Jax is adorable! They are only little once and time does move quickly. I hope some one that does have chickens can one day move in and take advantage of your old place. Hope you do well with the consignment sale. One day at a time you'll get it all done.

  7. Jax is a cutie! He WILL remember those times with his Dad.
    Ken talks about his time spent wth his Dad, throwing the
    ball back and forth. Great memories!

    M : )


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