Thursday, June 5, 2014

Storms and New Furniture

We had storms for two hours this morning, 
when we actually expected them this evening, so 
I did not get out to the old house to finish the garden bed today. 
Tomorrow, Keith and I go to the VA for his weekly appointment... I'm 
going just in case he should be admitted again. 

We don't anticipate that. 

(Neither did we last week!) 

For three weeks last month, I had the privilege of 
taking care of a litter of English Pointer puppies belonging to a 
friend of mine, who lives about 2 miles from us. 

I would go over at 4 daily, let Mama out for exercise, then 
bring her back in to be with her babies at first... and then to 
let them nurse in weeks two and three.  I had not seen 
them for almost two weeks until today, and I am 
going both today and tomorrow to feed the babies at noon and 
let them out in their outdoor kennel for exercise. 

The three girls are at the front, and the big boy at the back in this picture. 
Three are destined for show homes... and one for a pet home, to another 
Pointer owner.  

These little guys have helped me to start getting over Abby's loss... 
it has been such a pleasure taking care of them. 

They have gone from unable to see... to being bundles of energy... and they are so 
inquisitive and fun! 

Here's our living room right now... and you are seeing the new couch and "chair and a half" that 
came today.  We turned the kitchen table east/west instead of north/south... it works MUCH better... and looks good. 

We still need a side table and a lamp, and some sort of coffee table.  

Can you believe I have NEVER had brand new furniture like this?   (Except for our beds.) 

Thank you, Honey!  


  1. Those puppies are sooooooo darn cute. I bet you have had a great
    time with them!

    Your living and dining room look great.

    Garden tour 3 is up.

    Happy weekend.

    M :)

  2. We heard the storms were very scary. Cute!!!! Puppies
    Lily & Edward

  3. Mary Ann,

    I hope Keith is feeling better.

    The puppies are so cute.....are you possibly considering getting one?

    Your new furniture is beautiful, congratulations!

  4. How sweet and adorable those puppies are. Just like babies they always bring a smile. What a joy it must be helping care for them. I do love your new furniture. It looks wonderfully comfortable. I've had the same for years and years, but even though it is old, it hasn't worn out yet so I will keep it. Hope your hubby does well with his check up.

  5. Those are the cutest pups. Love your new furniture. Congrats!


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