Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Hard Day's Work in the Heat

Monday, we worked at the old place, loading things from the shop into Keith's truck, to take to the 
consignment sale for the 21st at the Tonganoxie fairgrounds. 

While Chris and Keith loaded things into the back of Keith's truck... Nathan and his friend 
Jacob helped me in the garden.  I had to take a few breaks! 

I devoted about two hours to pulling weeds and cutting out little trees, and the boys 
brought me straw from the goat barn to mulch with. 

Here is the problem corner of the south bed... the north end of it... 

And here's my volunteer tomato in the same bed.  It has blooms on the back of it... and sorry about the shadow.  

I got most of the weeds out of this bed, and just realized I did not take a picture of the "clean" corner.  

Here is the yellow asclepias that I planted last year... there was an beautiful orange one to it's right... that I lost over the winter.  In it's place has grown this delicate pale green plant... 

You just can barely see it's pretty yellow flowers because of my SHADOW again... 
but they were very delicate.  They closed up when the sun was overhead. 
Does anyone recognize it???

Nathan and Jacob took a break after we ran to Sonic for lunch, and everyone had slushies. 

The Queen surveyed all the work.  About mid-morning, Keith had to run home for something... and he took her with him.   She will be 8 next month, and just does not need to stay out in the heat and humidity for long

While I sat on the porch, our resident swallows swooped past me over and over in their 
quest for bugs in the air.  They don't rest for long! 

Stella d"Oro... always a solid performer in the garden! 

We are expecting a visitation from Keith's parents from Friday until Sunday... 
along with his girls and their families on Saturday, so things are in high gear here. 

However... we have plans to work on the old house during July... and are then 
going to put it on the rental market .  I want to get the gardens in shape for the house to be shown, so 
next week, I'll start working on the vegetable beds.  

Here's our girl Lil on the deck this afternoon... she didn't stay out long in the heat! 


  1. How nice to have great help with your projects at the old house.
    I'm sure you are anxious about getting everything done, so that it can be put up for rent.

    Such a sweet dog :)

    Enjoy this wonderful summer time of year, and your company too .


  2. The delicate plant with the yellow flowers that you were wondering about is a weed. It has quite a list of common names. I know it as yellow goat's beard.

  3. I know that plant with the yellow flowers as wild salsify. Considered an invasive weed in some areas, but seems harmless enough. The taproot is edible!

    Stay tuned: some pugs will be visiting Boulderneigh very soon....

  4. Sounds like your plans are going accordingly.

    Good help is hard to come by, and I'm glad you found some.

    Don't get too hot.

  5. things are looking good! lil and teddy are the same. this heat is too much for them and for me too. how did the sale go?

  6. It sounds like you had an overall productive day
    Lily & Edward

  7. I am so glad you had enuf help in that heat. Your place is coming along real nicely. Wesa finks Lily is so pretty and sweet. I wonder when you come visit us if Lily is coming wif you? Just askin
    stella rose

  8. It is all looking really good there. You did a lot of hard work. Be careful in the heat. Enjoy you visitors and try to keep cool.


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