Sunday, June 8, 2014

Starting Over in the Garden

The move has necessitated that we start all 
over again with a garden. 

Keith, unfortunately, is never going to be well enough to 
build the kind of beds/arbor/infrastructure that he was 
able to build at the "farm" when he felt better. 

We are hoping that next year, we can find someone to build a 
bed along the front of the house on the east side... and across where 
the fence starts.  There is a VERY steep bank there that I cannot take the mower down... it must be hand-mowed or weed-eaten... and we would like to eliminate this problem. 

We're going to work with what we have.  This side of the yard is VERY wet as you see.  We're going to put a bog garden here.  I hope the birds will come... and the frogs. 

The electric box in the yard, the white thing... is going to be removed and an outlet put on the wall behind where I'm standing.  We won't be having an RV. 

It's a start! 

We'll rearrange the patio.. the table and grill this week. 

My Park's Whopper is lookin' good!  Keith did not realize I had planted a tomato, and was very surprised! 

Keith went out to the old place today to pick up the debris from the storm the day before yesterday before Troy has to cut grass again.  He also took a few minutes to dig this out of the south bed. 

What is it?  

It WAS one of my buddleias! 

He is also working at pruning... cutting down, really, the twisty tree at the base of the back deck here. 

I had the privilege of visiting a wonderful garden this morning after church. 

Friend Jill and her husband Calep have turned their suburban back yard into a wild paradise. 
It is so peaceful and serene. 

Jill even has a heron visiting her yard! 

There is a fish pond! 

You can't see the water chain in the arbor with the yellow chair, but it's very beautiful and calming. 

She's going to kill me... but here she is in her habitat!  This was originally a plain suburban yard with all grass that her kids cut all through high school.  

The dogs love it... and the birds... I can't tell you how many there were, and all 
loving it!  

I don't know that we will ever have a big garden again, but it doesn't mean I can't still be inspired! 

Thank you, Jill. 

I cut grass tonight, because everyone else was.  Guess what?  It's TOO WET still. 

I stopped... It can wait until after tomorrow's storms and when the ground has dried a little. 
I'm also learning that everything doesn't have to happen RIGHT NOW. 

See, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! 


  1. How I wish you were closer. Rick asked me today if I knew anyone who would take in two pugs – nine-year-old sisters. Their owner is in the midst of being ousted from her home and has nowhere to go; nowhere to keep the dogs. If she can't rehome them, she wants Rick to put them to sleep. :-(

  2. It's fun planing and starting something new and I'm sure you will get it just the way you want. It all takes time. I love your friends garden and I'm sure that didn't happen overnight either. When we moved into the place I live in there was nothing but weeds growing and hardly any grass, but now it's just maintaining what is here. It didn't happen overnight either and I have a much smaller space than you do. Hope you have a wonderful Monday and a great week ahead.

  3. We did yard work all weekend and I was so glad to get it done. The big mower has been broken and hubby got it fixed. Did a lot of clean up. Always makes me feel so good to get things done.

    You'll have your yard fixed up soon enough. We can only do what we can do.

    Happy week!

  4. Your friends yard is so beautiful! Our yard doesn't look nuffin like that....apparently our momma doesn't nose much about landscaping. It is really wet heres also, so momma doesn't want to weed eat cos hers will burn up the weedeater for the 150th time.
    Angus McConnell Long

  5. Love your little potted tomato.
    That's exactly what I did with my tomatoes this year. ...... put 'em in a pot!

    Your friend has a lovely garden; very pretty and peaceful looking.

    Hope you don't die, but I'm one that has always hated my picture taken too,
    so if she eliminates you, I won't be surprised ~~~**grin**!

    Have a happy day.


  6. What a great garden, a lot of hard work there!

    Yes, we often to learn that everything doesn't have to happen all at once.

    I left you amessage on one of your comments--what size book shelf are you looking for?

    M :)

  7. life is so different for you now. i am sure you will eventually really enjoy it. your friends garden is wonderful. i think you are inspired to do the same? less animals, more garden?

  8. OH MA! I would never kill you for anything! I love you too much! I enjoyed your visit immensely. Thank you so much for coming over! I can't believe I didn't feed you! I actually intended to and had lunch stuff! Please promise me you will come over again soon. xxoo

  9. Your tomatoe plant is growing wonderfully!! Its happy!
    Mary Ann,, you will have the garden you dream about- because you do not give up!
    Your friends garden is soooooo beautiful,,, and maybe you will be able to make one too!
    Oh I know the frogs are happy singing in that water!
    Your both working so hard!


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