Friday, June 6, 2014

What Goes On in the NIght

Two days ago, when I worked in the garden at the old place, 
I put the Wildgame camera on the porch to see what I could catch for a couple of days. 
I know that a young raccoon,  a possum, and a squirrel are using the 
water fortex on the porch, along with Kathy's cat. 

However we had some windy weather in the last two days, and the camera fell over. 

When the camera fell, it pointed towards the swallow's nest over the door. 
See the tail? 

There is another, bigger bird's nest on the porch, but I have not see
the birds going in and out of it... yet. 

If you look hard here, both parents tails are showing... I'm sure they are feeding their babies for the last time of the evening, and getting ready to bed down for the night. 

I haven't seen the babies yet. 

There were branches down all around the ancient maple by the deck.  I'm going out on Monday with the truck to clean them up, as I can't get clear down to the brush pile in the pasture.  I'll have to haul them to the brush dump at the transfer station. 

The echinaceas at the shady end of the north garden bed are now blooming.  The ones in the sun are MUCH bigger. 

This is Echinacea "Magic Box" that I started from seed last year. 

I drove Keith to the Eisenhower VA hospital this morning for his weekly check-up... in the fog.  This is an idea of what it was like out as I drove SLOWLY the back roads to Leavenworth. 
I spent the bulk of the day getting four tires on my car... thanks HONEY. 

Tonight, we have a Jax-baseball-game, and tomorrow night, the Kansas City T Bones... so a fun weekend! 


  1. I hate driving in the fog, but I must say you took a beautiful photo of it :)
    Have fun at your ball games.

  2. Lots of things happen in the night! Here too!

  3. We have a wren nesting in the shed. She's in a cabinet the hubby made. Right next to the cat cage with 5 cats. The Redneck said she wanted to be in the danger zone.


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