Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Yellow Headed Blackbird and Some Goats

My gosh, I had never heard of such a thing! 

Here is the Wiki on it. 

And the Wiki picture: 

I am being so mean today, I have not replenished the flat feeder in the garden, in hopes of trying to get some of the blackbirds to go elsewhere.  I think, though, that it will be soon that they will disperse as the wild food becomes more available.  I hope my budget can keep up with them, until then. 

I'm going to go out and fill it when this post is finished, and thanks to all of you who knew what the bird was right off the bat! 

I put all the eggs found hidden by the hens out for the wolves last night, but their bowl is now pulled.  There should be enough game being born that they are able to find their own feed.  (coyotes!)  

The vixen has about given up... I have only seen her once in the last week. 

As Keith said today, we have always had coyotes... just not always at the top of the pasture. 

So I had a very pleasant task today after we went out for breakfast: 

Yes... it was a fun task! 

I was invited to look at the goats belonging to Dan and Carol Abramovitz, here in Leavenworth County. 

My gosh, I was right.  Nigerian Dwarves are just the right size. 

This little doll is their latest, and I realized when I got home that I did not get a front on picture of her! 

They have a doe due on the lst of May, and Carol will contact me via email to let me know how many and what she has. 

That doe, seen far off in this picture... is the one who will be kidding.  That's one of their pet wethers up front. 

I asked if I might take pictures of their set up, as I know everyone is always interested in how people keep their animals. 

This is the barn they built, designed by Carol.  The brown area to the left is a machine shed, added on this year. 

The interior... with Carol demonstrating.  The pen on the right is the kidding pen, and there is another stall to the left, where she is standing.  There is a camera overhead, so they can watch the does and get out there to be present at each kidding. 

See the big window on the right? 

It can be folded back up, and hooked, to provide a solid wall for winter. 

And right when you walk in, there is a feeder and a heated water bucket for winter feeding.  

See the fan suspended overhead? 

Here is the milk room side.  They also had hay stored in here.  It was the most wonderfully tight little building! 

The very gentle buck and wethers also had their own little barn, just as nice. 

The does' feeder, with it's top up. 

We are going to convert our llama feeder for use by the goats when they come home. 

They also had a nifty brooder house (I want one!) 

And a great big chicken house, that is insulated, heated, and has a good attic fan in it. 

Top drawer all the way, and I can really admire it. 

It's so much fun for me to take a busman's holiday, and see what others have done with their properties, and the way they take care of their animals.  I learn something new every single time. 

I have thought about hanging our feeders, but the fact is, I have tiny little bantams and very large chickens... I just can't figure out how to do it so that the banties have a chance at the feed. 

You waste much less that way. 

These folks had two Anatolian shepherds to guard their 5 acre place... and told me that the female had a prodigious record of kills against predators.  They do not have a coyote problem. 

I am to be emailed when the new kids come on or around May 1st.  I can't wait! 

They also were very gracious with answering questions, and I'll be writing down all the information I need before we bring any babies home.  We also have an excellent vet that is a goat vet as well as a horse and camelid vet, so that puts us at ease. 

Here are five eggs I collected yesterday and the day before: 

The one on the left is the Khaki Campbell egg that was as big as a goose egg!  That is another duck egg to it's right.  The others are a standard chicken egg, and a bantam egg.  The "fart" egg is out of one of my big red layers... and I doubt it has anything in it. 

Here is what was in the huge egg: 

Yep, it was a double-yoker! 

It's time for Abby and me to head out to do chores right now, so that's it for another sunny, 60 degree day at Calamity Acres... bring on the rain tomorrow! 


  1. Cute goats, and a very nice set up she has! Very exciting. Enjoy the nice day, and hopefully you'll get some rain. We are having a beautiful day here too. :)

  2. The yellow-headed blackbird was a new one for me too! What a nice set-up Carol and Dan have, love that goat barn and the feeder. Our goat feeders are open on top and, of course, they pull the hay out and drop it on the ground and then won't eat it. (sigh)

  3. What a beautiful picture of the bird! Oh how I want Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Someday...... :) Your eggs range in size like ours do - it's so much fun to see what you'll get for the day, isn't it? Happy Sunday!!

  4. Oh my goodness, what a great post! I loved seeing her set up and the cute goats. Whew, I'll bet that Khaki Campbell hen knew she had done something. Poor thing. Like having a 10 lb baby for us, I would think. LOL

  5. I remember when I was little my grandmother had a hen laying double yolk eggs and she told me it was a rooster egg and I thought it the best egg I ever had. Hard to believe the weekend is over already.

  6. It is so good to see what others are doing with their animals and get ideas. Oh you will love Nigerian Dwarf goats. I have 3 bottle fed ones and 1 I got at 6 months. I also have 2 kids that are 3 weeks old. They are so good with my grandchildren. I don't see horns on your friends. That's good. I have to disbud my 2 kids Tuesday. Don't look forward to that at all.

  7. Lovely barn set up. Congrats on finding the right sized goat for you! I am looking forward to seeing your new little one!

  8. Mom said she thought about you when she started to clean her flower beds out yesterday. she cut down her old butterfly was giant, like 8 feet tall and 6 feet around. It is only 2 years old, we got it at the amish greenhouse for 2.00
    stella rose

  9. You do know that the coyotes will kill goats? I hope you have some place to lock them in for safety.

  10. I adore goats!! Can't wait to hear more about yours!

  11. I've never heard of a yellow headed blackbird either! It is very cute though. So are the goats!

  12. Just loved reading about your visit to the goat farm. Thank you for visiting our 'goat farm ' too ! How exciting to be getting pygmy goats- this breed is unavailable in Australia and I would have loved having them on the farm.

  13. I knew your readers would know that bird! And Mary Ann, that picture of your eggs lined up looks like something out of Martha Stewart's mag! I'm so glad you'll be having goats as I have fallen in love with them on My Forest Haven. I want some so bad and can't have them so I'll continue to love them vicariously through these.

  14. I will find the goat stories quite interesting!
    Looking forward to those.

    M :)

  15. They have a neat place.

    I love double yolk eggs.


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