Monday, April 29, 2013

A Bright, Sunny Monday

What a nice Sunday we had. 

Nathan was here and helped me move some things in the yard that were too hard from Granny to move by herself. 

I did not get a picture of him, but he is growing tall and handsome. 

Then I drove him on down to Garnett, and the drive was a pleasant one in the sunshine. 

I stopped at Howard Pine's on the way back: 

They had tables full of calibrachoa.  You see, I love the "million bells" plants, they are so vigorous and for me, they grow until fall on my deck.  I just love to see them.  Yes, they need water and feeding, but they repay with beauty, over and over. 

However... I managed to not buy even one plant yesterday. 


we have a chance of SNOW on Friday! 


I did start hardening off the tomatoes... they are out on the deck as we speak... they did fine the first day, yesterday... and I'm bringing them in at night.  

The tulips were soaking up the Sunday sun. 

I cut just a little bit of grass last night in order to rake up some for the birds to eat.  

It is far too wet to cut right now, maybe tomorrow.  However, there are areas of the yard I am trying hard not to touch, because on Wednesday, we have an extension agent coming here to look at our yard and pasture, take soil samples, and tell us what to do about the widening areas of no grass.  We had good grass here 8 years ago, and now parts are bare, and this happened before the drought of last year. 
I'm hoping he can tell me what to do to turn things around. 

This little girl and her babies are doing fine in their outside pen, but, to be truthful, I may bring them in on the bitter night for that night and part of the next day.  30 degrees is just too cold for those chicks, even with mama there. 

Stick your hand in here, and you will regret it.  I have the scabs to prove it. 

One of our three year old pear trees.  We can let them bear this year! 

Best friends. 

The wily ducks were too smart for me this morning....I could SEE their eggs but not get to them under the henspa.  I'm going to have to low crawl for them.  I wondered how long it would take them to figure out they could keep them away from me! 

That's it for a sunny Monday at Calamity Acres. 


  1. Looks like spring is really coming to your place...never mind the snow; it can't stay around too long! Thanks for sharing some great photos!

  2. Wow, look at those beautiful flowers! I hope you soon have weather warm enough to plant!! I was at the greenhouse this morning, and plants were going out the door like you would not believe!

  3. Yours is the 2nd blog I've read today that says a chance of snow on Friday. I haven't seen that in the forecast here yet anyway. Crazy weather for sure.

  4. No snow here, pul-eez! Love the pooches & your spring has arrived!

  5. The tulips are so pretty!
    Our next snow is Wednesday, with a high of 31. Boohoo.

  6. Can you make a egg rake? Mop handle with a small board on one end so you don't have to crawl under there?

  7. Finally .... I am so hungry for spring .... bought pansies today, AND saw a neighbor's first chick hatching out! So cool, a first for me! Love your blog! ☺

  8. I hope they're wrong about the snow for you, Mary Ann. Everything is looking so very springlike there that it's hard to believe it could come in May, for Pete's sake! However, I remember a few years ago here in TN we had a hard freeze the first of May that even meant we had no berries on our holly trees the next winter.

  9. Dang, it's beautiful there! Hope they are wrong about the snow later in the week, probably wouldn't be good for the pear trees. I like Gail's idea about the egg rake for those duck eggs. :)

  10. Crafty duckies.....

    Love the tulips.

    I planted my two trays already. That's usually all I buy as far as annuals. Then I plant a few packs of seeds.


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