Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lots of Stuff

It took me over two hours to post Abby's blog tonight... or to load it. The problem may be with Hughesnet, because I have run a full scan on the computer and found no Trojans. 

Tomorrow, I tackle Hughenet Customer Service. 
Wish me luck! 

And now, a word about Trojans.  

I have slowed up on Pinterest, I realized it was taking too much of my time, and frankly, there was so MUCH, it was hard to look at.  I try to look at the background of each pin before pinning, because several times, I have found pins that read that Pinterest warned you not to pin it. 
I also saw a picture on there Friday that dismayed me... it was a soft pornographic picture, that's all I can say about it, of a voluptuous young woman offering herself, undressed from the waist up... and the caption left no doubt as to what the poster intended.   I was glad to see that it was gone a few hours later.  

But the worse thing was, while checking the computer yesterday for why it was so slow, I checked my virus protection.  There, in the log, was a trojan that was stopped.  It was linked to a site posted on Pinterest called Franklin Castle, which was an old mansion down south.  I love old houses, and had followed the pin and read about it.  It tried to get me.  

Beware, people, that's all I am saying.  My virus protection caught it and quarantined it, and I disposed of it.  
Just be aware that they are out there on Pinterest, too. 

Now, today amongst all kinds of things, I worked on these: 

Yes, that's tomato "Gypsy" from Baker Creek, touching the light fixture.  The lights are up on small pieces of wood, not hung, and I have to keep raising them with more ... wood. 

Oh, we need that greenhouse.

I transplanted today, but of course, forgot to take pictures. 
I bought light fixture number four, got the bulbs in it, and it will not come on.  I am either missing something (there is no chain) or it is supposed to come on automatically when plugged in.  I am waiting for Keith to come home this evening to look at it and clue me in.  

I transplanted the Gypsy seedlings into larger Jiffy cups.  Each had good root systems started, because I used larger flats to start them.  Next year, we will have room to spread out in the greenhouse. 
The snows of February and early March kept us from starting it, but it will be up soon enough, though  
first off, we are putting a front on the three sided barn, in case two little goats find their ways here. 
That should start tomorrow. 

Keith took Abby to the vet today, to have her eyes checked, and her pedicure.  She had lost a pound and a third... this is a MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT for her and for her momma! 
We are getting much more excercise, and eating lots of green beans as filler.  
We have also switched to a dry food. 

She does have to have drops now three times a day for her eyes, which are showing a sign of dryness.  Pugs often have this malady. 

Another view of the tomato plants. 

Those are perennial flowers behind them, I am starting some from seed as an experiment.  So far, so good. They are slow to start... and will be under light for a while, but what satisfaction to grow my own instead of paying 12.00 a plant for them. 

I had some other pictures, but I have tried for over an hour to add one... it loads and then erases itself, over and over and over... I am giving up for the night, I have a headache and it's making it worse. 

I'll try to show you the rest tomorrow. 

That's it for another discouraging posting evening from Calamity Acres.  


  1. Your seedlings are coming along very nice!
    I hope you find what is slowing your computer...
    I know it can really make head aches worse.
    We don't do pinrest or whatever..... just not enough time - or energy.
    you are always sooo busy

  2. If you lived closer, I'd share some perennials with you! That's why I like them so them once and share them forever! :) There would also be something fun about growing them from seed, though. I just don't have the patience.

  3. Your seedlings look great!
    Congratulations on Abby's weight loss! That is sooo hard!

  4. You are going gangbusters on the garden already; wow!

    Thanks for making me feel better for not being "Pinterested." I signed up some time back, and then quickly dropped it when I read something about copyright infringement. Still, sometimes I felt like I was missing out when so many were singing its praises....

  5. Your tomatoes are looking awesome!

  6. Isn't it terrible that people ruin a good thing with trash. I like pinterest, but now will be very cautious when using it. I loved seeing how your seedlings are growing. Glad you at least had some good news with the weight loss. Hope your computer problems are fixed soon.

  7. Hubby bought 2 four packs of tomatoes that he's planning on putting in pots this weekend. Our garden's are sloppy wet. Won't be able to do anything in them for a couple of weeks. Rain all day yesterday, drizzle rain today. Rain several days next week.

    I did get some of the petunias I bought planted the other day. Will finish planting them this weekend too. Need to freshen up my pots. Will empty them and mix up with composted horse poo and more dirt with the existing dirt. They seem to like that.

    Also need to remember to start my squash seeds. Everything else will go straight into the ground in the garden.

  8. Your little tomato seedlings look fantastic!! I hope you get your computer straightened out, that must be pretty frustrating.


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