Monday, April 15, 2013

Good Fences

You know the saying "Good fences make good neighbors"?

It's true. 

If you biggify that first picture, you'll see that the fence in question has been leaning, and I can tell you it's been leaning for two years.  I just hope no one hits this steer at night, in the dark. 

That's it for today from Calamity Acres... and tomorrow, I promise we'll talk further transplanting. 


  1. I sleep so much better now that I have good fences.

  2. Mary Ann, I was so glad to read yesterday's post and you speaking up so strongly about how people treat the animals entrusted to their care. It is so obvious that you have such a heart for yours and others, even worrying about this steer on the road. Bravo!

  3. That is one of the truest sayings in rural living. I don't worry a second about my fences. But the people around me don't worry about theirs either - or the fact their cows are always on my property. It doesn't create good relationships!

  4. There is definitely a reason fences were created. I agree all the way on that one. Hope all is well there. Looking forward to seeing your transplants!

  5. Unfortunately there's been a lot of possum and racoons even foxes with rabies in our area the past few years, which make me rather nervous. Rabies has made a strong comeback in The New England area . Wild life authorizes are now putting out rabies pellets in woods for wild creatures to eat , only problem is the same animal can end up eating quite a few.

    1. Sorry got carried away there, our small farm is fenced up securely, helps with safety for sure, keep everyone from getting out and getting in trouble and from getting out and causing trouble.

  6. One time coming home late, one of the neighbors cows was on the side of the road. It's rump was towards me and it was solid black. I almost hit it and then told him his cow was out. He said "cow, what cow?" A big fat liar. I told him "well you just better be glad I didn't hit your non-cow"

    He sold them shortly after that....guess he didn't want the liability.

  7. My mom says she grew up in the country and many times almost smacked a cow or bull with her car...scary!!
    stella rose

  8. Yep, that fence is in dire need of repair. I would call the Sheriff and report the cow on the road, it's a hazard.

  9. I have always had that type of relationship with my neighbours in the past. It wasn't a bad thing, quite nice in some ways to get on with your own lives, but I am so grateful to my neighbours here! fencing adelaide.


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