Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bits and Pieces Thursday

Cold today, 37 when I went out to do chores... and still only 42 at 4:54.  The wind is blowing, and it feels MUCH colder. 

I moved things around in the big henhouse, and put a light on Nugget and her babies. 

They were grateful. 

This is the first of the babies, the strongest.  It is a week old now, and honestly, I don't think the eggs left under her have a hope of  hatching. 

I did make sure all three chicks were alive, and moving around... the third was out and drank and ate a bit.  I'm sure it was very cold.  It felt the heat from the lamp and froze and stood and let the heat beat down on it. 

The henyards are a mess, and it's slick in there, but cold or not, the hens rushed out this morning. 
You can see the pasture has greened up nicely. 

Our mower would not start two days ago, so Keith is going to charge it tonight.  We have not used it since the end of August last year... I may have left the headlamp on or something else stupid, and ran the battery down.  Then again, we may just need a battery.  

It's too wet right now to cut, but I hope to get started in the next few days or we're going to need a Bush Hog in here! 
I'll take the time to rake, too... and give all the grass to both pens of chickens to go through. 

What the hey????

This shot up since Sunday... it's in the pea bed, but could it be a PEA?  That far up in two days? 

Somehow I don't think so. 

The sump pump in our well is working overtime again, since the water table is so high. 
The sump keeps the well house pumped out so that Keith can go down and change the filter for the house water from time to time. 
He still has to wear his wet boots to do it.  
Abby loves to play in the water. 

And that's it for another soggy day at Calamity Acres! 


  1. Adorable baby chicks! Hope they make it and it warms up for you!

  2. It was just downright miserable today!

    Take care of those babies.

    M :)

  3. It was freezing here today too! Just miserable. I bet those babies were thankful for the warmth! That's one fast growing pea! ;) I hope the charging of the battery works and saves you buying another one. Hopefully it's just worn down, ours always causes us trouble when we wake it up after the winter too!

  4. Wet here but we needed it. No major storms in our area. Enjoy the moisture.

  5. The little baby chick on its mama is so precious

  6. Very soggy here and the grass has finally greened up. We'll probably be mowing in a week or so. It's cold and chilly here too. But that is normal for us in April. We do enjoy those rare sunny days when we get them. Hope your Friday is a fantastic one!

  7. We went from several high 70 and 80 days to it dropped to 40....

    Golly, we'll all end up sick again.

  8. Aww the chicks are so cute with their mama! I just love how the mom takes such good care of them. I hope they are all girls!

  9. Well it's pretty grim here in the the UK too. We are still in winter in the middle of April. Less than 40F today and a really warm day forecast for tomorrow.It might reach double figures C which would be about 50F. DJ is threatening to get his shorts(bermudas) out tomorrow.
    Hope your dear little chicks get through safely.
    Cheers Gillian.

  10. You certainly are waterlogged around there but those 3 chicks are so sweet! Do duck eggs taste better than chicken eggs? You sure have enough work to keep you busy for a good while. Take care.


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