Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Wild Thursday

Blowing very hard out there today, and rained a good part of it. 

Now it's finally 40 degrees... on the 18th of April! 

Seems like we should be seeing more spring-like weather, doesn't it? 

I took this picture over at Troy and Kathy's a little while ago: 

'It's a wild duck, a drake, I'm assuming, because of his bold black and white coloring.  I could not get closer, he flew away just after I snapped the picture.   He may be one of the small ducks I've been seeing on ponds around here lately. 

Despite the cold, I decided to refill the Plastic Pond. 

The ducks know what that means, and come as soon as they see me with the hose.  I took the nozzle off so it would fill fast in the cold. 

They literally barrelled into it. 

While the chickens enjoyed some clean water in their fortex. 

The ducks foul this, too, but the chickens have a clean waterer inside. 

The neighbor's pond is coming up, little by little.  You can tell by the bank how deep it has been in previous years.  Troy told me the other day he has seen four very big fish in there. 

And their beautiful Bradford Pear was a pleasure to photograph! 

I am hoping we are to have a little sun tomorrow, it will be good to see! 

Our prayers are with our brothers and sisters in Texas tonight... for those who again are suffering due to a natural disaster, one for which they could not be prepared.  We hope they can cope through this next few days as they determine the fate of their missing loved ones. 

That's it tonight from Calamity Acres. 

PS... one more picture.. I forgot....

these are two duck eggs... from Cinnamon and Spice... 

one laid a goose-sized egg today!  Still dirty from the outside: 

Laid on the deck while I filled the pool.  My gosh, I don't know how the duck got the big one out! 


  1. I sure hope it warms up for you soon!

  2. My Sister in law and her family
    live in Oklahoma City, there is
    a duck nesting outside of her
    daughter's bedroom window. There
    are 11 eggs in the nest!

    M :)

  3. Looks like your ducks were having a GREAT time!!

  4. OK first of all that pear is GORGEOUS! Simply gorgeous. Ducks do look like were having a very good time! Super windy here all afternoon and still is tonight, I'm waiting for the power to go off. It's ridiculously windy, just tearing everything up. That is a goose sized egg, I can't believe it! Must not have been fun to lay!

  5. Now if we all got as much joy in life as your ducks do from a good bath, wouldn't it be grand?

  6. Ponds are filling and that is good. It is very scary to begin the season with dry weather.

  7. Really enjoyed the photo of the happy ducks!

  8. I liked seeing the Mille Fluer Chicken ...I did see one right? Lol

  9. My ducks go wild when I fill the little pool too. We got the same storm, but no damage here. It was 85 Wednesday and 40 now. Strange weather.

  10. Love how happy those ducks look, sometimes the simplest things in life are the ones that give most joy! Hope Spring arrives for you soon, it seems late everywhere this year.


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