Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The "S" Word on April 23rd!

Last night 

After a good nightime soaking, standing water at 7:30 AM 

8:30 AM... see the snow coming down against the tree?   The tulips are in the middle of this picture, in the bed where you see some flowers coming up. 

I put some warm water in the fortex just after this... and replenished feed in both this and the flat feeder in the garden 

One of the bigger visitors 

Hard to believe that it's almost time for these to go in the ground! 

Another post coming later today... 


  1. yep its cold and rainy here also, snow is about 1/2 hr. away hopefully it stays away...your tulips are gorgus!!
    stella rose

  2. We have been cold at night here but no more snow since Saturday. None of it laid on the ground then. Today we are at 70 degrees...tomorrow we'll have a high of 49. Hope it decides to warm up soon.

  3. When will it end, cold here today once again.....hope you get to plant soon, Francine.

  4. I can't believe ya'll are STILL getting snow! :(


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