Saturday, April 20, 2013

Now You Know

Our kitchen table is a mess. 

It's the catch-all just inside the door for EVERYTHING. 

C O N C E N T R A T E on the F L O W E R

The only double daff I have in the whole yard, and I didn't even plant it! 

Today I met Melinda and Ken, from this great blog here: 

Wait, we have met before... but I met them in the parking lot of this thrift store because two weeks ago she wrote about her love of Gooseberry Patch cookbooks.  It just so happens that I had a stash of them, found at an estate sale several years ago.  I am trying to divest myself of some of my belongings... so I wrote her to tell her she was welcome to them.  As long as I was there... at the thrift store... I ran in to look around... and then came out and bought a Carnitas taco from CRAVE... this food truck. 
I have a confession. 

I have NEVER eaten from a food truck!  

The couple running it was my age (or older)... I thought they were all run by young kids... and the taco was delicious!!!  It was in a soft tortilla: 

With my lap band, I can't get much down at any time, even five years in. 
I was able to eat a little more than half of this, and it was delicious. 

There is a story behind this, and I'm going to find out what it is. 

I sneacked the last of the un-hatched eggs out from under Nugget today... for fear of it's bursting in the cage.  
I have removed all four now. 

We are facing lows in the 30's next week, and I'm going to need to leave these guys in the nursing cage for a full  week, I believe... with the light still on them.  (The third chick is on her left, you can barely see it's head)

I draped this cage with an old tablecloth last week when it got so cold....and look what I found on top of it this morning. 

Oh, those wily hens. 


Our yard has been invaded by hundreds of red-winged blackbirds and grackles, and the starlings have moved on.  These birds would eat a forty pound bag of feed a day... but I am now only putting a bucket out twice a day.  In the evening, I run and put some out for the cardinals and the small birds so they get something after the blackbirds go. 

Do you see the bird with the golden head??? What on earth is it?  It appeared yesterday or the day before: 

Here it is on the deck yesterday.  I thought I was dreaming about the golden head. 

There were at least six of them out there this morning. 

We are expecting rain tomorrow... actually early... and then rain on Monday, Tuesday, and possibly Wednesday.  The temps are going down into the thirties again. 

Yes, we need the rain. 
No, we don't need any more frost, PLEASE.  

By the time the peas get an inch high, it will be too warm for them to grow properly. 

That's it for an eclectic Saturday from Calamity Acres. 


  1. My kitchen table is the major hot spot in our house! And I'm about as bad as my husband, I have to admit. That daffodil is gorgeous and so is that bird with the golden head. I'll have to check back tomorrow and see if any of your other commenters will know what it is.

    I always like your eclectic posts and getting a slice of life from Calamity Acres. See you tomorrow!

  2. Check this out, Mary Ann. It may be what you have.

  3. Yep, yellow-headed blackbird; not uncommon to see them with the red-wings. We don't get either near our house; I miss them!

  4. Umm, isn't that what ALL kitchen tables look like? Mine does, except I don't have any pretty flowers to put on it, they are all still frozen.

  5. That yellow headed blackbird is my something new for today. I'd never seen one before. We do have an occasional grackle and redwing blackbird here, but not many. Glad to see the chicks are growing. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

  6. Looks like those chickens will lay an egg about anywhere.

  7. Lovely double daffodil. I've NEVER see a yellow headed, black body bird. We have red winged black birds. Neat!!

  8. I think that is the fate of most kitchen tables...that's why some houses have separate dining you can find space to eat.

  9. Hey that's normal. We all have a place where stuff piles up. Mine is my peninsula in the kitchen, all our mail, papers, notes and messages for the phone end up there and I sort through, clear it all off and it's back again! Food trucks are not what they used to be and the food in some of them is really amazing and high end. Looks good!

    Those are yellow headed blackbirds :) Beautiful to see!

  10. Isn't that what that table is for?

    Love the cookbooks. Thanks again!
    May have to check that food truck

    Take care.

    M :)

  11. What a lovely daffodil! I always clear the table off for photos and then put everything right back! LOL!!

  12. I've never seen those yellow headed ones before.


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