Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Seems Stupid to Blog Today

No, this isn't a picture post, because the pictures would dismay everyone so much. 

Yesterday's events in Boston make blogging this morning seem like a selfish indulgence, as indeed, they did last night. 

Our thoughts and our prayers are with all those affected, all those terrorized, all those whose loved ones are no longer with them because of someone's insensitive and horrendous act. 

Surely there has to be a better way for humans to get along. 

Our thoughts are with all those good people suffering sadly today. 


  1. I agree !!!!! Lets try to have a great day some how

  2. We have to remember, if the bombing was by muslims, the LAST thing they want is to "get along." However, we can still pray for them and their victims.

  3. I joined in at Barn Charm for today as always, but my heart wasn't really in it. I just can't fathom what makes people so evil and destructive. I'm praying for all those affected by this senseless event. Good post, Mary Ann.

  4. Yes, I am praying for all those effected by this latest senseless attack.

  5. Yes. Hearts are heavy. And we know we're all together in feeling this way.
    Love to you.

  6. I look at things differently, I guess. The goal of terrorists (those who commit heinous acts to cause terror, whoever they are) is destroy normality, to make us hole up in fear. I refuse. Life – for most – goes on. Those who are killed or injured are not dishonored by us carrying on; only the terrorist(s) are defied.

    The only time I hear what's going on in the world is if I am in the car (which is always turned to public radio) and at night when I often, but not always, tune in to the local TV news station. Yesterday someone made a comment about praying for Boston on my blog; I had no idea to what she was referring! Once I learned of the events of the day, sitting glued to the images on the screen did NOTHING to help the victims; I'm afraid it only fed the ego(s) of whoever is responsible, knowing he/she/they got the attention of the whole world.

    Anyway, that's this country girl's position on this; I don't mean to offend anyone with it and apologize if I did.

  7. Sending you a big hug from us to you!
    stella rose

  8. I felt the same way, but then I thought about some sick nut out there loving all the celebrity he is surly enjoying right now. I think I am with Michelle on this, there is absolutely nothing I can do for the people of Boston. The only thing I can do is to try to put good things out into the world to counteract the bad. I decided to just keep writing about my donkeys, horses and dog. It is all I can do.

  9. Our feed mill guy's son was up there running. After the hubby told me about it I called him and checked on his son. Gratefully he was one of the lucky ones not injured.

    Stupid, stupid act of cowardliness.

  10. Unfortunately, any form of terrorism (home or abroad) hits home by being really ugly and vicious. It will leave some terribly ugly results.
    Death is final. Missing limbs are more tragic for those who were there and those who have to live on and their survival needs all of our support.
    I'm in the north of England, well away from crowds and threats. It's the amputees who have my heartfelt support.

  11. If only human beings could be more like our animals there would be a lot less evil in this world. I had to give mine all an extra hug this morning to remember that there is good in the world. Our thoughts are with our friends across the water.

  12. Actually being able to look at blogs last night helped me keep things together a bit. Our farm is barely an hour from Boston, my heart is heavy today, being able to come to the blogs and see people still caring rather than watching the news show the same tragic event over and over helps to feel others care. Thanks for being here.

  13. I agree with Willow. The blogs are a pleasant
    distraction to all this craziness!

    But on the other hand, I will not be
    posting much today either.

    M :)

  14. I was going to post an image of a wooden eagle and say something worthwhile yesterday. Then thought it was better to not post. I enjoyed reading your post.

  15. It was so senseless, so tragic... makes you wonder what the world is coming to! *sigh*


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