Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Picture Heavy Thursday

Well, I did something I hope I don't regret today, because it has clouded up this afternoon, and now the weatherman says we are possibly having showers after midnight. 

This blurry image is Nugget and her three babies in the little white pen.  

Here's why I moved them: 

First one of the year, and it's a biggie! 
Whoa, Nellie! 

The nursing pen is not snake-safe. 

I'm going out at dark to cover Nugget's pen with a tarp, against any rain that might be falling, but remember, they have two corners they can get into in the "box" and keep dry. 

I'm more worried about blowing rain and wind than the temperature, but I hated to move them out from under the light, and they are going right back there tomorrow if I think it's necessary. 

Guess what else happened?

Rambo and his girls came out for the first time since the coyote attack in January. 

How great it was to see them out in the pasture!  Not everyone came out, but the bantams in the old henhouse DID come outside today. 

Oops, that's not a bantam.  

She's dustbathing, not dead. 

The few tulips I have are blooming, and you can see how the clouds came over. 

This Pekin, still unnamed... appears to have a piece gone out of her bill, I had not noticed it before. She uses it fine, however. 

Why I am not scared when Keith goes to work in the morning. 

Fancy stayed in today, sadly.  I knew it was too good to be true, that he would venture outside again today.  I had to net him last night to get him in. 

On Wednesday next week, a man is coming from Kansas State University Extension to take a look at our pasture, and the north end of our yard.  When we moved here (it will be nine summers ago, this year) there was grass there.  Now, there is little grass or weeds, and in the pasture, actually a bare spot.  I am worried about them. 

They have had very light grazing with the llamas and the pony and mini horse.  

This gentleman is going to take soil samples and have them analyzed, and advise us on how to re-do the pasture and fix the yard.  He did tell me not to put any seed down this spring, but to wait until fall.
I'm going to write down everything he says, because this is going to be invaluable to me. 

Now... I want to show you a garden bed from a year ago yesterday: 

Actually, it was from 4/22/12. 


Same bed today.  (yes, I know I need to thin) 


What a difference a year makes! 

That's all for the garden-lagging Calamity Acres today! 


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  2. I wish I had as much to show as you do! I'm envious! Keep up the good work, you give guys like me something to shoot for.

  3. Loved all the pictures. Yikes about the snake!! I'm glad Max mostly kills them for me but he's let a few slip past and into the barn but I got them out before they did anything. We don't have too many dangerous ones here that eat little chicks or rabbits but there are a couple types that will try to get in and eat small critters. The tulips sure are a welcome sight!

  4. Around here we don't have tulips. They are referred to as deer candy instead!

  5. That duck sure looks like the Aflac duck...

  6. Oh that snake looks like it could eat a whole flock of chicks just for snacks.

    I hope you find out what the problem with your pasture is and it has an easy remedy.

    I love chickens and it looks like you do too. ( Just Chickens)

  7. Busy busy at the farm !!!! Have a wonderful weekend

  8. Yikes! That is a big ol' snake! Isn't it funny how different gardening is from year to year?

  9. I ran a clamp on heat lamp and a heating pad off of 2 long extension cords for months to the dog house for Ringy. She was the old beagle that died about a month ago. They were strung from the house and across the yard for her. She was snug as a bug even on the coldest of our days.

    Happy weekend, I'm going to try and not over do it this weekend.

  10. OMPUG (mom wanted to say really dirty HBO words but knows this is a General not PG rated site so she didn't) cos she is REALLY REALLY REALLY afraid of snakes and even looking at them makes her heart race and have a big panic attack.....if she lived at your house she wouldn't be able to go outside for a year! You are really brave!!!!!!
    stella rose

  11. Great pictures, thanks for sharing! Looks like Spring is in full swing :-)


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