Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Almost, that is. 

9:30 PM, and she's still out there, lest the squirrel get away.  That's gonna be one mighty hungry squirrel!

I'll catch her in the morning to give it a chance to come down and get away!


  1. I'd say that's one determined dog! :)

  2. How is it that a dog can stay focused on one thing for so long, but get distracted any time a wrapper is rustled, and they think there may be a treat in it for them ??!! LOL

  3. If that were my dog, I would give her a hug and a treat! The squirrels became my sworn enemies last year, after they ate every, every last one, of our pecans! It's our only pecan tree, and it was a nice crop. I wouldn't mine sharing some, heck, even half, but there was not one after the evil squirrel-devils were done. They do not know what they have unleashed in me, I grew up in the boonies and have grannie's recipe for squirrel stew!


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