Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mr. Wrong Way Corrigan

Jackson is the most confused turkey.  He bullies everyone else, but instead of coming in and out of the access gate everyone else uses, he constantly goes all the way around the pen and then chirps by the gate we call the "yard gate" because it is closest to the yard access.  Tonight after going up to the Vets Hospital, and rushing to get home before dark, I found him laying there in the dim light, waiting for me to open the gate so he could go back in with his "brothers".

So I got into the big henhouse pen, and looked around for Grant and Sherman.  Sherman I saw right away, he came to me in the darkness, and he and Jackson were so glad to get into the little henhouse pen, where they roost at night.

I looked around and could not see General Grant anywhere, then I heard a chirp.  I let the two boys in and closed the gate, and then shut all the popholes and went around to the front of the big henhouse and flipped the light.  There was Grant, looking around like a little kid... first time he had been in there, and he followed the hens right in.  I went ahead and left him in there, I don't think he can figure out how to get up on the roosts, so he will probably sleep on the ramp tonight, with mice running all over him.  Jake and Helen used to roost daily in the big henhouse, but Jake actually killed three hens coming down from roosting in the morning... so that's not the solution here.

It will be okay for the night, though, and then I'll get to watch him try to get out through the pophole in the morning!


  1. Silly turkeys. Do you think they are the least intelligent fowl? My dad always said they were. I have a hen that will not use the door the others use to go out. I have to open a special door trap for her--silly.

  2. I've heard too, that turkeys are definitely lacking in the intelligence department! It's been said that they will drown from looking up at the rain...who knows if that's true or not! You're kind to him! :)

  3. Good Morning..
    I have to agree with the sentiments of Alice, and Charlotte.

    We have hundreds of turkey farmers in our county, and truth be told... turkeys are not too bright, but they can be stubborn too.
    Hope he's learned a lesson :)

    How's your hubby doing??
    I hope he's feeling better!

  4. Lucky turkey to have you taking care of them.


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