Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Morning

First off, Keith was released from the ER on Saturday night, and sent home with a shoulder strain and various bumps and bruises, so we were very, very lucky and his guardian angel was really looking out for him.  I shudder to think what would have happened if his head had connected with the building on the way down. 

We're off to the Eisenhower Vets Hospital this morning to get the shoulder checked again, as he says he can feel and hear something clicking in there.  We'll have some idea today what's going on, and when his limited use will return to normal.

I tried to post last night over the course of about 3 hours, but Google would not open... was it just us or did everyone experience that?  I have NEVER had Google not open before.

The kids went home yesterday, and Hayleigh (yes, I've been spelling her name wrong!) and Chris are moving into a tiny apartment that a friend had been renting.  Chris's mom and I carried some household things for them in our cars, so we met at the apartment when we got to Garnett. 
They found that their friend had not cleaned before moving, so they pitched in to get it ready.

Yes, they have their work cut out for them. 
And yes, Chris's mom and I worry. Probably too much.  

This was taken in the doghouse pasture pen yesterday afternoon.  This little silky cross has bad feet, and I notice she is walking less and less.  She can kind of hobble along, but spends most of her days laying down.  I put her near the food and water so she could eat and drink, but I think, unfortunately, that she will have to be put down.  I have had more trouble with the silky crosses than any other chickens here, or that I have raised.  Their nails tend to grow long and curved, they stop walking so much, and it leads to more foot trouble.  Though I clipped her a week ago, I think she still cannot get along very well.  I absolutely hate having to loose a sweet little hen for this reason. I re-bedded this doghouse last night, but got 11 eggs out of there before I did, and the dogs got those for breakfast this morning, cooked up in the skillet. 

Once we get finished with our doctor dealings today, I'm going to plant some cutting flower seeds in the new flower bed.  We want to get some things growing in there before any weed seeds try to get started... and I have some nice seeds to plant...zinnia, love-lies-bleeding, marigolds, and about four different kinds of sunflower.  It will eventually be another perennial bed, but for now, I'll be glad to have some annual flowers to cut this summer.

This is a view of the bed we started last year.  I need to clean some more weeds out of it, and pour a couple of bags of mulch in it.  As you see, the perennials that did get put in it did well over the mild winter we had.  Soon it will grow up to look like bed one. 

More later today, after we have been to the VA to find out what's going on inside Keith's shoulder.


  1. Sending good thoughts and wishes for Keith.
    Hope it's nothing too serious, and that he'll be on the mend soon.

    Take care.


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