Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Blues

Another week has started, and I need to look at it as another week closer... to the end.  (laughing)

Keith is not feeling well tonight, and the spectre of his bout with food poisoning two years ago always raises it's ugly head when he feels like this.  The doctors told him he would be prone to going through it again because he was so very sick that time... and he worries about it.  I worry too, as he almost died from the blood poisoning to which it lead.

It took me a while to do chores tonight, since I had help.

Wherever I went, he followed me. 

Really, it's kind of funny.  When I went in the house for a while, he heard my neighbors in their yard, and crossed the pasture to talk to them.  Our only fear here is that Lilly will frighten the turkeys, causing them to go over the fence to where she awaits.  When I came back out to shut the big henhouse up, I saw him talking to Kathy and Troy, called him by name "Sherman" (now) and he came running to me gladly.  Their feathers are looking better, aren't they?

The big henyard was a very happy place to be.  Despite the fact that I got only 8 eggs today, I enjoy watching the beautiful big new hens, so I am just going to take it easy and let things go for a while.

I AM, however, going to fire up the Brinsea.  I have seven small eggs that I want to try to hatch... no, even though I love little birds, I am not hankering for a bunch more, but these will be my "guinea pigs".  I got them out of the millie pen, but they are definitely my silkie crosses' eggs. (Crossed with Cocky, the Mille rooster in that pen... IF he is fertile!)

This guy was in trouble. Somehow, the now-crooked gate swung open during the day, and Tony went into the henyard and ate the fortex of chicken feed.  Then he couldn't get out!  The gate opened JUST enough, and then fell to.  He was really glad to see Keith get home just before me. 

I caught him just as he was thinking about trying it again while I did chores.

Mountain bluets have just started blooming, but don't look too closely... I realize there are still about twenty little tree seedlings to cut from this bed.  We did a lot of work on the mirror bed to this beyond the arbor over the weekend, but I have a lot of planting to do there this spring, and need to dig up some monarda from this bed and move it to the other.

And though Keith worked in the garden all weekend, he didn't feel up to it tonight... but take a look at his tomatoes!  Going gangbusters!  The real test will be tomorrow night, they are actually talking frost.  I will go out and cover up the lettuce and spinach beds if we are going to get it, but I think these plants may do okay.


  1. I like the name Sherman.

    I'm sorry your hubby isn't feeling well. I hope he will feel better soon!

  2. We have ropes/chains with clips around the post of some of the gates as extra security.

    My show mare is an escape artist.

    Hope Keith is better now.

  3. Hope Keith gets to feeling better. Those tomatoes look great!

  4. Oh, I do hope that Keith gets feeling better soon.
    No wonder you worry!

    As for the tomatoes and the flower beds, etc.. everything looks wonderful to me.

  5. Love your Sherman the turkey....
    We just got a "Sherman" too, but he's an Angora rabbit :-)

  6. Spinach and lettuce do ok with a little frost, don't they?

  7. I just love reading your posts : ) Your tomatoes are doing awesome! Hope they don't get bit tonight. We are supposed to be down into the 20's here in NE.


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