Friday, April 13, 2012

Gosh, lotsa topics tonight.

First off, I just read about ten blog entries while I was waiting for some videos to load... and nine of the ten required that I enter two jumbled "words" (which were rejected at least three times) before the comment would post.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.. PLEASE make your blogs verifier free so people can read them!  I have to tell you in three years I have never had even ONE spam comment.  Maybe they are out there... but the word verification makes a lot of people move on without commenting.

Off the soapbox now.

Speaking of videos, a long time ago I regularly posted short videos on this blog, and then, one day, upgrading my camera, I lost the "power".  I made a Calamity Acres you tube channel, and then never used it, and it went away.  I always had a Ksredhead1950 you tube channel, but always forgot to post to it.  In the last few days, I have been doing so, and tonight, I was going to try to post some things here, but I found out that just because your video uploaded, does not mean it will be readily available, so the videos will come tomorrow.  They are worth watching, something unusual happened here today... Keith saw it, told me about it, and I was able to get some short videos when I got home, and before we left to eat.

We are expecting bad storms in the next 24 hours here, and quite across the midwest.  Keith and his comperes at the state are on alert and watching the weather information.  (Actually, Keith is asleep because we went out to eat tonight, ate lightly, but were tired, and came right home.  Keith laid down to watch golf and voila!) I'm up though, and listening to thunder overhead.  I told him on the way home I thought it felt like a storm and that the clouds to our northwest looked ominous, and he said "The storms are to our south".  I REALLY want to get him up to see the storm moving in, but I won't.  I suspect he is going to be busy tomorrow with weather related duties.

I got nine big eggs today, and one tiny one, out of one of my oldest hens, whom I saw lay. 

From the pasture pen, I got four small eggs.  I really am going to have to winnow out, unfortunately, and get some new pullets in here for eggs.  I'm going to make the phone call tomorrow.

Totally gratuitous picture of two pugs snuggling into each other on the couch the other night, taken from just above them.

If I can move out the little Mille Rooster and the two older Mille girls that came with him... then I'll keep the third Mille hen, put the Naughty Girls, Boots, and the other two small hens from the little henhouse all in the pasture pen, or, I'll move the little girls back into their beloved little henhouse as soon as the Big Boys are gone.  I talk about this removal as if it is nothing to me, but it IS.  I love my roosters, and frankly, Rocky saved everyone's life by bringing down the hawk.  But he has become a HUGE rooster, and is tearing all the girls up.  I got only two eggs each day the last two days from the little henhouse.  Brutus is not as heavy, but just as bad.  Ideally, if I can rehome the big roosters and Handsome, the partridge cochin in there with them, then Boots can transfer over to that side. We'll see.

The beautiful Rocky

Here is why I'm cleaning out the henhouses:

That was a huge nest of pinkies and weeks-old mice in the cabinet in the big henhouse, when I opened the door, they almost all fell out.  Unfortunately, Reddy darted in and grabbed one as soon as I gasped.  Keith told me had already seen them the day before while looking for something, and had shut the door fast.  No, we're not scared of them, it just makes us kind of sick to see the hens carry them off squealing. 

I promised Keith I would look up some menus for the coming week tonight before going to bed, so since it's 10 PM already, I'd better get busy.  It just occured to me that I have not heard thunder for the last hour.  Could Keith be right again????


  1. I keep trying to get rid of the word verification, but blogger keeps putting it back up. Don't know if word verification is off or not. :-{

  2. Hey, I don't have word verification on MY blog; how come I didn't get a comment? ;-) (Or did Blogger add it back on without me knowing it?)

  3. Have to agree with you about the word verification option.
    It is a pain, and not really necessary.
    My eyesight isn't what it used to be, and sometimes I have a hard time making out the jumble words..LOL!

    Ok, what are pinkies?
    Baby mice, I've heard of..

    Best of luck getting everything cleaned out and sparkling clean, and I hope that the weather holds for you.

  4. I'm with you on the word verification. I try it once (while muttering under my breath) and then I move on. I'm at about 50% on my comment getting posted. I can't stand having all those rodents. I do like my cats that catch mice for me. Hope you stay safe. We're in the midst of storms now.


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