Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Big Weekend

We started out with a birthday this weekend.

Game Stop, what else?

Chris turned 21.

It was a gorgeous day today, and the kids got to work in the yard.  Nathan worked on re-attaching poultry wire to the pasture/yard fence, so none of the chickens could walk through into Lilly's mouth.

Chris and girlfriend Hayley worked on the garden bed after Chris did weed-eating and fencing chores.

This was done the same way as the north end and the original bed, first landscape paper, then leaves, straw, max-mix, which is a dirt.... and we'll use planting soil when we plant the flowers.

The first bed, looking good now that Hayley and Chris helped me get the saplings and grass out of it.  Yes, we still have some grass to remove, but the majority is out.  I can't dig the way the young ones can any more!

The outside romaine lettuce is doing okay:

But can't compare to the romaine in the hoop house:

Everything in there is doing very well, and the lack of wind blowing the plants back and forth really helps.  Of course, we haven't had 100 degree temps yet, either.  I have told Keith we may have to have shade fabric over the hoop.

So then, they commenced to doing this, using the scaffolding Keith got on Craigslist last month.  Keith was teaching as they went along.
An hour later, after Chris had gone in to eat taco salad, Keith went up the scaffolding alone to work.  I went next door to see my neighbor's newest garden creations, and while we were talking, we heard a loud metallic sound of metal on metal.  Yes, the scaffolding fell, and Keith with it.  That's why I'm posting at 12:53 AM on Sunday.  We have been at the emergency room at St. John's in Leavenworth for about five hours, and they have finally sent my very blessed husband home with a sprained shoulder and admonishment to have himself checked over again on Monday, and no driving for a few days.   He was unconscious when we got to him... or eyes opened, but stunned, and does not remember anything about the fall.  He can only remember "waking up" in the ambulance and wondering where they were going.

Needless to say, he won't be finishing the roof.

I had my own run-in today, with a branch hanging that I thought was a vine... I drove right into it on the tractor, tore my shirt open across my side, and gave myself a good abrasion, so I am about to follow Keith to bed with an Aleve in me, and since I went to church earlier this evening, I'll be sleeping in a little later in the morning, but thanking God that Keith is still around to wake up!


  1. My goodness thats awful! Glad hes ok. I bet that scared you half to death :(

  2. Mary Ann...
    How scary! For both of you!!
    I'm so glad that Keith didn't suffer any major complications, nor you.
    Rest today, and heal.
    No climbing on scaffolding, or tractors...either of you !

  3. Oh goodness--glad to hear that you both are ok.
    Make sure to get plenty of rest--both of you.

    Take is easy.


  4. Glad to hear that it's no more than a strained shoulder. Apparently we all had quite a weekend!

  5. Oh dear! So glad you both survived your Saturday - yikes!


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