Sunday, April 8, 2012



The Light of Christ has risen again, for the 61st time for me...

Easter morn dawned clear here at Calamity Acres.

As the full moon said goodnight.

I went to church early, and came home and commenced to fix a brunch for Chris, Nathan, Keith and the boy's mom, Sherie.
I didn't take even ONE picture!  I have no idea what I was thinking!

We ate at 1, as they had to drive home to Garnett, and had to stop for groceries along the way. Ham, the balance of the potato casserole, and lots of rolls went with them... and strawberries.  I forgot to load the shortcake!

Keith worked in the garden this morning, and tomorrow, I'll show some photos of how things are progressing.  It was only 41 degrees when I did chores this morning, and is predicted to be as cold tonight.

This afternoon, after the boys had gone home, I worked on cutting the garden part of the yard, and then decided to cut the pasture for the first time.  Last year, I did not cut the whole pasture... or rather, I should temper that to say that I do not cut the southern end.  It is hummocky, and tears the mower up.  Once a year we have been lucky to have Troy go through and knock the large growth down, and I need to find someone to brush hog it this year.
I did, however, decide to cut several areas that I had left long last year, and the absolute lowest tier by the Spehar's fence (our east fence) where I had usually left it long.  This gives the llamas some additional grazing of good grass.  We have a problem, you see.  The north end is getting more acidic (I think) and we are losing huge areas to bare ground, no grass.  Enough that I talked to Keith about it tonight, and I am going to contact our county agent.  At the same time, the pond guy left the middle in a mess last year when he pushed the dirt into the pond.  It brought weeds up to the surface, and the middle of the pasture has a huge nasty spot that needs to be re-seeded. 

As I was cutting down there, I decided to shut the tractor down and get off it and pick up some branches that had fallen from a tree.  I was going to cut around this tree so that the llamas could lay in the shade there.

So, this guy decided to join me.

As I talked to him, he decided to have a pow-wow.

He literally laid there and listened to me talk to him for five minutes.  He didn't get up until I got back on the mower.

I had an escapee from the dog pen where the milles and the little birds from the little henhouse are living.  She darted around and had a good old time in the pasture.  I finally was able to herd her back in.  I wish I could let this little flock out, but Rambo would beat Cocky up, I'm afraid.  He's so small he would not be able to defend himself.

While I was mowing, I looked over at the calves in the Spehar's north pasture, and something caught my eye.

Biggify this to see the Egyptian Geese still on the pond with the calves.  I watched them swim around... one is directly below the two calves, and the other to the left.  They are doing fine.

There go the llamas lickety split across the pasture... there were two strange dogs at Troy's today, visiting.  The llamas ran across to watch them.  They are VERY good protectors!

So finally, I got really tired and decided to sit down by the llama trough and watch "Chick TV" for a while, so guess who came to join me?

Since we have not renamed these two guys yet, I just call him Boudreaux, and he seems to like it.  He relaxes and sits there and listens attentively to what I say.  (I kind of like it!)

The chickens were running back and forth the whole time I sat there, and he ignored them.

From this angle, it is pretty evident these are young boys... I must have been blind to be so stupid last week!  I'm happy, though, because, as Keith reminded me last night... we aren't breeding turkeys here.


Happy Easter, Everyone!


  1. Well he is just happy it's Easter and not Thanksgiving.

  2. Great pictures and it sounds like you had a great weekend!

    Hope that this is a great week for you too :)

  3. Sounds like you had a very enjoyable and good day there!

  4. I think that turkey enjoys good company! :)


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