Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pooped Out Sunday Night

Well, we made it through the weekend without severe damage from a storm, and I am very grateful for that.  Except for some chairs blowing off the porch, little damage was done.  We did have very strong winds all day, and tonight the temps dropped from seventies to fifties in the space of less than an hour. 

I had intended to plant a daylilly and two sets of swiss chard (Bright Lights) that I had stopped and bought after church, but gave up on that notion, as the wind would have sapped the life from them after I had them in the ground.  Instead, they are in the hoop house tonight, where they will be safe until we can plant them this week.  I only wish I had bought cabbage plants too, as Keith offered me one of his beds.  I have not planted swiss chard before, but I always admired Bright Lights, and I'm willing to give a shot at preparing it for dinner.   I am planning to divide a huge patch of monarda too, this week, and put some in the mirror bed across the arbor from the first.

Mountain bluets are blooming now... I almost bought some deep blue ones this afternoon.

Here is something else blooming now

The first of the irises.  The little birdbath flew into the flower bed during the winds last night, but it is back where it belongs... the birds use it regularly.

I have a bed literally chock full of irises I transplanted last year, they are the old-fashioned yellows and blues... but I love them anyway.  They are also swelling at the bud and about to bloom.  The flowers I bought from the Iris lady last spring did not do as well, I'm afraid.

I have more irises in the above bed that are also swelling.  As you can see, I need desperately to pull about twenty small tree seedlings, and right in the middle of the bed... beyond this camera view, there is a clump of grass that has already formed seedheads, so it's GOT to come out in the next day or two.

Keith, just before going to bed, informed me that the newsman said we have no appreciable rain coming in the next two weeks.  I'm sad to hear this, as we need it, and got very, very little last night.  Keith watered everything in the hoop house tonight, and his outside beds.  I'll wait til this terrible wind dies down to plant my new plants.

Gratuitous picture of April taken this afternoon... as she chattered to me.

I tried to upload some more videos tonight to You Tube, but Keith has reminded me (again) that in doing so, I use all our satellite bandwith.  I am going to see if I can save some to a stick and use a computer at the library (where they are on DSL) to upload.  I'll find out the rules this week, and if I can do so, I can take 30 minutes to upload some, and add them to the blog.  I have some amusing ones, and I think people would enjoy seeing them if I can ever get them to load.

Have a good start to your week!

(130 days to go, not that I'm still counting or anything).


  1. You have a great blessed week as well!

  2. Glad you stayed safe in the storms! Have a great Monday :)

  3. I thought about you in Kansas when the storms were going through. Glad you didn't have any severe damage. We came through unscathed, too. I hate it when they are calling for possibly severe weather and tornadoes. I think that is why I claim Fall as my favorite season over Spring! Usually by fall, the weather has calmed down a bit. Have a great week!


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