Friday, April 6, 2012

Skipped a Day!

I did not mean to skip a post last night, but Keith and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary yesterday, and went out to dinner theater last night... when we came home I sat down to post, start reading everyone's blogs... and never got mine done! 

We had a great time, and hope to take his parents there later on this summer.

Yesterday was a beautiful day here, and it was supposed to have rained, so was a double blessing.

Here's the big red dog on the deck.  Ranger was on the doorstep.  Yesterday morning a lady came to give us an estimate on putting chain link around our new chicken pen, and I did not recognize the strange car at the gate.  I ran in, got Lilly... and brought her out and let her loose.  You see, she is the bravest of the brave, and I would not put it past her to go after anyone who would try to hurt Keith or me.  Once my phone rang and the lady explained it was she who was at the gate, I could put Lil's mind at ease, and she followed us as the estimate was done.  It looks like we will have a chain-link pen. 

Here's a side view of Boots, my year old Mille Fleur rooster.  You can barely see his eye because his muffs are so large.  He is such a beauty, and prettier than Cocky, the little rooster I got at the auction.  However, I have not isolated Boots and the Naughty Girls yet, but hope to so I can hatch some purebred Mille eggs.

That's Speedy, the brassy back Old English Game rooster.  He's the littlest, but has a big heart!

Here are two girls lined up to lay in the old rabbit hutch.  As you see, the door over the nestbox finally fell apart... and there is a towel stapled there for privacy.  It folds up over the top, where it is held up with the old frame of the door.  The little henyard girls LOVE to lay in this box, and they all take turns.  That's Bitty the blue hen and Bitsy the Naughty Girl waiting for a big hen to move out so they can get in there and lay.  In fact, this morning I went out and found a new hen asleep in the nest box, she had failed to go in last night while we were gone to the theater.  Keith shut up when we got home, but he didn't think to look in the nest box (nor would I have!).   It's funny where they will pick to lay.

Here are the Turkettes last night, and Jack, just to the right, has settled in and is now displaying his somewhat-ratty tail.  He has not started booming yet, though.  You can see Clarabelle's bare bottom (and her feathers hanging down) ... she had been so caked with mud but it is coming off, and the girls have preened all week.  I moved them into the big henhouse yard this morning, so they can start going out into the pasture with that flock. 

I am going antiquing today with my cousin, hope to have pictures to show you tonight!


  1. Well, happy anniversary!!
    Isn't it so wonderful to be married to your one true love :)
    I've been married to my one true love for nearly 25 years now.
    Time speeds by :)

    Our daughter had a Mille Fleur, and put that chicken in the county fair. She won a ribbon too.
    Enjoy your weekend, and have a wonderful Easter.

  2. Happy aniversary from me too!

    have fun on your antique trip

  3. Happy sounds like you had an AMAZING evening!

    Your roosters are beautiful. I can't wait to see your fenced in pen when it's all completed!


  4. Hope you had a great anniversary celebration. I truly think that deserves a night off from posting. :-) It will be nice to get your fence done.


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