Monday, April 2, 2012

Quick Monday Night

For clarification purposes, this is what was in the last picture in last night's post:

Uh huh. 

I'm not scared of them, you know.  They're our friends.
However, I have a friend who worked at a poultry farm as a youngster... and he was bitten many, many times by black snakes.  I'm carry'n a flashlight, I'm just saying.... so I can look into this closet before I leap.

By the way, there were no eggs in this box tonight.

There is a fortex (round) with straw in it on the other side of the closet, and there was the depression of a hen in the middle of it but no egg.  My guess is the snake is full tonight.

Here is what I got from UPS on Thursday, about which I never wrote over the weekend.  It is the Brinsea Mini Advance!  I have always wanted an incubator, and I went back and forth over this model, and the Advance Eco, which is the More Advanced... but the truth is, any eggs I hatch are for hobby use only.  Notice it is still in it's wrapper.  I'm not in a huge hurry, and getting the chickens and turkeys settled in is more important to me now. 

The little hens that I got at the auction have not laid one egg ... and after I spent some time watching them in their pasture dog pen, I realize two of them are old.  I had a chance to give the rooster up,but he is a plucky little guy, so for the time being, he can live in the dog pen with the 3 mille girls and my two little girls from the little henhouse, freed from the big roosters.  One of them is laying daily.

When we get further along, Keith and I will build a breeding pen, and we will have some porcelain purebred eggs and some nice Mille eggs out of Boots and the Naughty Girls, so I am not in a hurry.

I think this is truly remarkable:

Woops... that's Keith sitting in the little henyard tonight, we were watching "Chick TV" and yakking.

Here is the remarkable thing...

Annabelle and Clarabelle were hanging out with us.  Keith kept remarking about how very tame they were, and so nosy... Annabelle kept coming over to me and tasting my clothes gently.  Jack, the tom, is a little less trusting... but does not know us yet.  These girls are the calmest turkeys I have ever seen.

Oh, yes, when Keith saw me post the top picture of the snake before going out to listen to the last of the KU game... he said "Man, that's a BIG snake"... and I laughed because I've been TELLING HIM that for TWO DAYS.


  1. Oh my feet involuntarily came up off the floor when I saw that big snake! That's a good picture of him...tell him to stay far away from PA please. :) I'm glad to hear your turkeys are doing well!

  2. Seriously! That snake creeps me out!
    I would have completely lost it if I had seen that snake!

    Love the incubator. That should be lots of fun.

    Makes me smile to think of you guys watching 'chick t.v'.
    Sounds like something we would do.
    We like the simple things in life.

  3. Men, do they listen....makes you wonder.

    He's still a keeper even if he was probably doing what my man does, not listening.

    I'm in class tomorrow.

  4. Ugh...*shudder* I don't mind snakes but that one is huge! I think my hubby would faint if he came face to face with it, as he's scared of snakes. I once chased him around the backyard with a little ringneck snake that was no bigger around than a pencil. LOL.


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