Monday, April 23, 2012

Scenes from Leavenworth

Here are some pictures from the beautiful old installation at the Eisenhower Vets Hospital...we went out for a few minutes today while waiting to see Keith's doctor... sent down to get something to eat and come back... so we went for a short ride around the facility.

This old building has not been restored yet... it is close to the hospital.  In the eighteen hundreds when this facility was built, this huge old homes were used as residences by the doctors assigned there.

This building, which is literally just to the left of the one in the previous picture, is used as a conference center.  It was the home of a governor of Kansas at one time.

This is the Catholic/Protestant chapel, that has been featured in Ripley's Believe it or Not... one faith worships upstairs, and the other downstairs... see the window? 

Thousands of veterans have lived here on this installation.. indigent veterans with no where else to go.  There is a row of domiciliary buildings, and you can see on the left in this picture what most looked like.  The old porches are rotting now, and the buildings stand empty, though some will be re-purposed. There is a newer domicilary building, just north of the hospital. 

There is also a small lake, and a row of beautiful old residences around it that housed doctors in the old days... these are all rental units now, and it is a beautiful, park-like, quiet place to live... but no pets are allowed.

Click on this photo to make it bigger, and you will see in the very center in the distance the rows of crosses in the National Cemetary at Leavenworth.  There is one on post, nearly full, and this beautiful one next to the grounds of the Eisenhower Center. Keith and I hope to rest here in the (hopefully) distant future.

I hope you enjoyed your tour!


  1. Hi Mary Ann..
    I really did enjoy the tour.
    I adore all those old building!

    Hope that your Dr. appt. went well.

    Gotta run... take care.

  2. I really enjoyed seeing all the buildings. There are some magnificent ones there. The church is very interesting and I love that window! Hope the appointment went well!

  3. Wonderful! (Love that porch on the Conference Center!) ~ I've just found your blog and am now following!

  4. Oh wow, Mary Ann - this is a beautiful place. I would love to see that first old place restored - it's just gorgeous. Neat old church - that's funny about two faiths worshiping one of top of the other!

  5. What a lovely place. Those stately old buildings are beautiful to me.


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