Friday, April 20, 2012

My Apologies

I tried to post last night, but HughesNet was not cooperative.  I'm going to do one tonight in hopes that it will actually post.

Here is what we are going to be working on tomorrow:

Here is the south bed, the balance of which we never got covered last year.  Where you see the siding down is a patch of nasty nettles that burn you.  We are trying to kill them without using poison.  Tomorrow we are laying paper all around (landscape paper) and then layering straw, max mix (the bags of which you see there) which is a sort of woody mulchy dirt, and also some shredded paper I brought home from work that will be wetted and mixed in.  The light colored (tan) mound you see in the distance is the start of an open compost heap, with cleanings from the henhouses.  The grass you see in the picture will all be pulled out, and you can just see where the first half of the bed ended, with straw in the left hand front of the bed. 
Here are some beautiful white irises blooming in the first bed... and, as you see, there are TONS of little saplings that must come out tomorrow, and tons of grass that I am going to have to have Chris dig up for me.

Here is the big bed of yellows and purples that I moved from the yard last year.  In fact, they were intertwined with the nettle bed... and were heck to dig up.  They have rewarded us beautifully!
That's Abby doing her business, sorry about that!

My chief Mousers!


  1. I've heard Nettles mentioned often on blogs...just what are they? Is it like Burn Hazel? Thistles? Your Iris are beautiful! Ours won't bloom until mid May.

  2. We are always trying to get rid of something. Thanks for commenting on my duck blog. I am hoping the ducks get big enough to live in the goat pen and the new chicks go to the pen they are in now. But I'll deal with that then.

  3. Your Irises are beautiful! I love Irises-they are probably my favorite flower of all.

    We've have tons of those little maple saplings. The goats seem to like them, which is good, because the geese sure don't. There are millions of them, though, and everywhere!

  4. Are nettles like the things under pine trees? HughesNet is like profanity in my book. The thing that bothered me the most was running out of "tokens" i always ran out. I was pretty happy to be "allowed" to use my internet as much as i wanted to when i left them.

  5. Each Spring there's always work to be done in the gardens... but I never mind, because digging in the dirt, is always better than, diggin' out of the snow--LOL.

    Gorgeous flags(irises). Looking forward to seeing your beautiful gardens again this year :)

  6. Boo to nettles. It's no fun when you accidentally touch them. We have some too. Love the iris.

  7. I love your beautiful flowers!
    We have 3 cats, but our dog Mickey is our best mouser.

  8. I love your irises. I have some maroon colored irises. I am wanting to get some other colors started as well.


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