Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Night

So tired last night I could not sit and post, and almost that tired tonight.  The heat is on, again.  We are expecting upper nineties the next two days, with heat indices in the triple digits.  So tiresome after a few weeks of good weather.  In fact, it's 8:05, almost dark, and I am going to go out and turn the hose on and soak my flowers, just in case.  I passed a friend on the way out of the office tonight, and she said "I didn't water this morning because it was supposed to rain"... and I said "I didn't water either!" .  Needless to say, we will both be, tonight.

Here are our swallow babies, looking down at us from their nest above the door.  There were only three, and they are all still alive!  They come back to the nest at night to sleep.
Taken this afternoon.
This is priceless enjoyment for us. The nest is built directly over the front door, and despite our comings and goings, and the dogs barking, etc. etc., the parents raised their clutch of three successfully!

The Real Reason there is never any feed in the frisbee.
As you can see, there is a feeder in the cage, but I was still putting some feed in the frisbee. How funny that I caught the little hooligans dust bathing in it!  I've wasted probably a 50 lb bag, which at prices today, is a shame.  Starting tomorrow, I'll put some dirt in the frisbee for them, and they can take a real bath.  Soon they will be out with their mama, but the fact is, something has tunneled under the little pen in the henyard, there is quite a large hole behind it.  There was a brown egg back there, and now it is gone.  Hmmmm.  Whatever got that egg could get those babies.

There is a large snake skin on top of the closet of the big henhouse, or I would let them stay in there with their mama.  Maybe they will just stay in the cage a while longer.

Gertie Lou, almost asleep while we watched "The Closer" last night.  Two more weeks to go.... who is the snitch in the squad room????  That is "Gertie's Pillow", by the way.

Four walls are up, and you can see one window partially framed.  The other is the open space to Keith's left, still to be framed.  He worked until dark in the humidity.  Next on (besides the top row of boards on which the roof supports will rest) will be the sheathing and siding.  Before he finished for the night, he put a bracing board between the two far walls (north and south) to brace the structure in case of wind.  It can be unscrewed easily, much as the two braces you see on the front, which is sheathed.  We are still planning on using it this winter.  In talking to Keith while he worked, I suggested we cover the yard with netting, and he had already thought of that.  This way it will keep out the little wildings, the starlings, the owls, and the other predators. 

Construction Supervisor Lilly Ann was out there guarding her Daddy from any possums that reared their heads.

A spider that caught a spider in it's web in the porch of the big henhouse.

Why there are so many baby grasshoppers around here!

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