Friday, August 19, 2011

End of the Week

Rough week at work this week... you all know I work for an international healthcare company and am in the division that manufactures animal health products... but I ran my self ragged at work, and then came home and did chores each night.  I'm tired, I admit it.  It also got hotter than I expected the last two days.  We had a heck of a storm last night, though, so I only did half the water tonight, since we are actually expecting more rain.  I came outside at 11 last night to turn off the fan in the big henhouse.  Above me was what looked like a shelf of clouds with some of the most spectacular lightening I have seen in years!  Some of it was jagged red lines in the sky, it was really something.  I watched three planes coming from the direction of Kansas City International airport who were skirting the edge of the storm and getting the heck out of Dodge (it was coming down from the north, and they were heading southwest).  I had not been back inside for even five minutes when a gust of wind blew into the bedroom through my partially open window, rattled the windows, and then it blew hard for ten minutes at least.  After that, rain, very hard.  This morning we awoke to more branches down, but oddly, not from the older of the walnut trees.  There was a lot of damage across the entire KC metro area, and some schools were out, either because power was out or so much storm damage to the streets around them. It is clear with light cirrus clouds out there right now, but more storms are expected tomorrow.

It is this boy's 12th birthday on Sunday:

Tomorrow, Nathan, I, and Madison and Jake are going to see a movie and then get ice cream.  Nathan will spend the night at his dad's with his brothers and sisters, and we'll celebrate his birthday on Sunday before I take him back down to Garnett.  (I'll drive down early in the morning to get him)  I'm so proud of this boy!

On the way to Garnett, I'll stop at my favorite antique mall in Ottawa, Front Porch Antiques, to window shop.  Pictures to follow.

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  1. Sounds like you need a day or two off. Happy birthday to that very handsome lad!


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