Saturday, August 20, 2011

Front Porch Antiques

Of all the malls I like to go to, Front Porch Antiques, in Ottawa, Kansas, is my favorite.  When I go down to Garnett to see grandsons Chris and Nathan, I try to stop in.  I always find some small thing, or a book, that delights me, and it's just a pleasure to walk through the store. 

Here it is:

Not the largest of malls, it's very cozy inside.  Uh, and the two men you see there had been shopping inside just a moment before.

It has always made me feel good to go in there.

It has something for everyone, from lamps, to furniture. to prims, to Victorian decorations.

Love this mantle

Love the green cupboard on the left, and the quilts in the case.
Love this white cupboard, too.  Too bad I don't have a huge old Victorian house!
But what I wanted most was a set of these:

Amongst all the other "stuff" on the front porch, there were three or four sets of croquet mallets and balls.  I would LOVE to have a set to play here in our front yard.  It's the perfect croquet pitch!
Maybe a set will come home with me in the next few weeks, they were reasonably priced, even the oldest set (out of sight).
After I visited the Front Porch, I drove on down to get the
Birthday Boy from Garnett.  Tonight he is staying at his dad's with his brothers and sisters, and this afternoon we went to see Spy Kids in 3 D (with Smellavision, too!).  Unfortunately, Grandma fell asleep during the movie and can't tell you much about it.

Birthday pictures tomorrow!

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