Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Down Two

Tonight, as we walked in the heat towards the henyards, Keith laughed and pointed to the Naughty Girls on the fence top, walking along.  I laughed and talked about how naughty they are, and then didn't think anything else.  While doing chores, I gave the little henyard birds a treat... cottage cheese, which they inhale.  I noticed as I gave it to them, that only one of the Naughty Girls was there... Bitsy.  She has a comb now, almost like a rooster.  Muffy, the prettier of the two birds, was gone.  I looked for her all evening, and did not see her anywhere.  Lilly is in all day, so I was not worried about that.  I went over to the "big" henyard (the smaller of the two) and looked through the ever-growing weeds and realized Speedy was gone, too.  Speedy is the tiny brassy back red Old English Game cockerel.  I really, really like him.  Last week one night, I found him outside, pacing up and down the fence.  He had gotten through, then couldn't figure out how to get back.  I shooed him in that night, so tonight, I assumed he was on the pasture side.  I filled the llama waterer and pool and the waterers for Butch and his girls, but no Speedy.  I was really sad about it. 

Muffy, the Beautiful Naughty Girl

Coupled with this discovery, I went around the back of the little henhouse and opened the door to see a bird laying dead inside.  I had not checked inside this morning, as I was pooped.  I opened the popholes, gave some fresh feed in the outside feeders, checked the water, and went on. There is one cochin hen who NEVER comes outside, no matter how hot, the black.  I thought it was her for a minute, but no, it was one of these beautiful girls:

A gold laced Wyandotte, here shown with two Welsummer pullets.

Last night, I became ill while doing chores.  It was hot, but I was having a blood sugar drop, and was getting shaky.  I finally stopped and went in, and asked Keith to finish up.  I fixed something to eat, and felt better after a while, but right before I went in, I sat down for a minute in my chair.  I looked around at the birds, and noticed out of the corner of my eye a bird crouched down tightly to the ground, with her eyes closed.  It was a Wyandotte.  I thought to myself "Uh oh"... I had not heard any telltale coughing or "barking" like in the spring... but I made a mental note to check her out in the morning.  As I said, I was very tired... and it was she who was dead.

I checked all the birds tonight, and there did not seem to be any others who appeared to be sick. Indeed, I got ten eggs from the little henhouse tonight.  I'll keep an eye on all of them for the next few days.

Tomorrow, we are heading up into triple digits again.  Keith will not be able to come home at midday, so I filled all the waterers full and will hope for the best.  The birds and llamas did not seem too stressed out tonight when I got home, and after chores, I cut grass on the mower for an hour and a half.  It was really not bad when the sun began to go down.

Still no sign of Muffy, but when I went to lock up, there was Speedy, running up and down the fenceline on the pasture side.  I was SO GLAD to see the little stinker.  I opened the gate and let him in, and he ran right up on to the duck house, and up into the tree with his buddies. 

If I have not commented on your blog lately, we have had a terrible time with Hughesnet over the past few weeks.  At least, we think it's our service.  On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, we are unable to open many sites.  We attribute this to large usage... but it may be
Blogger, I don't know.  There are many blogs I cannot reliably get to open, and one I suspect is infected and closes itself constantly.  If I have not commented, it is not for lack of trying.  I am so tired by the time I get home from work, do chores, fix dinner, straighten up... and watch a little tv... that I can't always stay awake (as tonight) and do a little blogging and read some more.  I love all of the blogs I follow, and am always looking for links to more on your wonderful blogs.


  1. Glad Speedy was okay.

    Sorry to hear about the others.

  2. I can't believe how many predators you must have there. Never a moments peace it seems.


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