Wednesday, August 17, 2011

All Chickens

Here he is, Fancy Pants
King of the Mountain
As Woodstock (canary from Peanuts)

As Batman

Seriously, this little porcelain rooster and his two girls have totally gone bananas.  They either spend the whole day in their increasingly-too-small rabbit hutch, or up on the roof of the little henhouse, in the sun, with no water or food.  Where once Fancy would fly to me on seeing me, now he is freaking out if I try to reach out for him, though the two little girls still come to me to be put in the hutch at dark, and one actually flew down from this fence to my shoulder tonight.  I put them in the juvenile 4 x 4 pen for one day last week, and they freaked out at that.  Since the other juveniles love that pen and hang out in there and the big henhouse during the day, I hated to take it away from them.  I think there was probably a mishap with these three one day in the last two weeks... either Brutus, the Welsummer rooster got them (he is a bully) or Barney, the brahma... who is the real bully.  Anyway, they are too scared to stick with the rest of the flock.  

Here is another interesting thing:

Here are Teeny's teeny chicks, getting bigger.
I think the one on the right is a cockerel, we shall see.
However, the interesting thing is that the chick in the front, a pullet, clearly is part Japanese Bantam.  See the upright tail and the hanging wings?  She has the shape of One, Two and Three, my five year old sons of Fred, our purebred white/blacktailed bantam that was killed in the dog attack.  Fred was such a good rooster, he took care of all the chicks born while he was alive. 

Tonight as I finished chores, I saw probably 100 dragonflies all darting every which way, but staying together in a huge circle.  It was fascinating to watch.  I tried to make a little movie twice, but all you can see are figures darting through the camera's vision.  They were unreal, though, whizzing this way and that, and some quite large.

Big day at work tomorrow, so need to hit the hay on time tonight... time to round up the pugs and get to it!

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