Tuesday, August 2, 2011

No Camera

I'm bereft without my camera.  I bought a new Nikon 3 weeks ago, a Coolpix... and loved it.  I was getting used to taking pictures with it, and short movies (none of which I got to post!).  Sunday, after friends Melinda and Ken were here, it quit working.  Here is just about the second to last picture I took:

Melinda is holding zucchini we had just picked.
I started watering when they left that day, and took a few more pictures... and then the camera closed and would not reopen.  I don't know if I got it wet or what, but it is going back to Best Buy and thence to Nikon.  I need a camera that can stand up to 100 pictures a day (sometimes).
The back-up camera, my Canon, is in Mexico with Keith at his daughter's wedding celebration, and will be back late tomorrow night.

Which draws me to say that I should not be so disturbed at the loss of the camera, because in the great scheme of things, whether or not the blog has a picture is not that big of a deal.  It's just that, like I said before, this blog is a record of what goes on here at the "farm". 

Tonight I went to a meeting of the Leavenworth County Humane Society.  It is newly (within the last two years) formed, and I met in person the president, with whom I had corresponded about the buffalo across the road from us... the neglected buffalo (plural).  I recognized several people from the past, but was very impressed with the organization, the folks at the meeting, and their future plans.  I hope this will be one of my volunteer projects for the future, when I have retired. 

Here is another picture I took on Sunday, before the 107 degree temp of today!

There is Nathan with his half brother and sister, Jax and Paiton, and dad Jim and wife Amy.  They came out to visit for a bit on Sunday after church. These are the two little grands who love animals like I do.... yayyyy!

Another half day tomorrow, because of heat, and then Keith will be back from Cancun, and off Thursday, so he can water at mid-day.  We expect lower temps for the rest of the week, and even the possibility of .... dare I say it???..... Rain!


  1. So hoping our nation gets some rain and some relief from these terrible temperatures.

  2. Cooler weather has swept into Minnesota this morning at last! Hope it's headed your way.
    Love the name of your farm.

  3. In Wisconsin we have had either hotter than ever heat or torrential rains. I was saying today how little time I have spent outdoors other than chores.
    Sorry to hear about your Nikon. The problem I had with my Coolpix was it would turn itself off as I was using it. Then it kept telling me the batteries were dead, 2 minutes after I replaced them. I love Nikons but that camera was nothing but trouble. In fact, I returned the first one, traded it in after only a few weeks, now that I think about it. Now I use my SLR and gave the Coolpix to the man but he lost it. Says he gave it back to me, making it my fault. Until we find it we will never know.
    Good luck with Best Buy - don't let them push you around.

  4. I hope the Humane Soc. can do something.

    I know when the burros across for us started to die, nothing was done to they guy that adopted them.

  5. I would be completely lost without my camera. Hope you get it back soon. I'm right there doing a rain dance with ya!

  6. Good for you for going to that meeting. I hope something can be done quickly.


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