Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our Last Game

Whew. Had a long day on Wednesday, and celebrated my birthday Thursday with our last trip to the ballpark for the summer.  Here we are in our regular seats:

We had a congenial group behind us... it was dollar night, so dollar hot dogs, dollar peanuts, dollar candy... dollar BEER! 
We got to talking to them and we all had a good time that evening. One of them was kind enough to take pictures of us to remember my birthday. As you can see, we were enjoying ourselves.
Our team, the T Bones, had a bad start and were down by five in the first two innings.  They went on to win the game against the Sioux Falls Golden Pheasants.  We were stunned to see some of our favorite players on the team had been traded in the last week of the season! 

Today I went to Tractor Supply, and in the bird seed section began talking to a couple about feeding the wildings.  One thing led to another, I noticed the man was wearing a T Bones shirt, and we ended up analyzying the season while standing in the aisle!  Nice people, too!

Our baby swallows have flown... on Wednesday when I got home early, two babies were sitting on the porch.  Remembering last year's casualties, I dithered about whether to pick them up as their parents dive-bombed me.  In a minute, they flew off to the top of my car.   Thursday saw them gaining confidence, swooping up and down and flying in circles out over the deck and into the nest again.  We were proud like they were our own.

When I left for Keith's daughter's wedding reception 4 hours ago, I tried to load the Avi. video of the swallow babies.  When we got home, it had still not loaded, so I surrender to the fact that Blogger just does not allow Avis.

I hate to think what that has done to our download speed for the rest of the weekend!


  1. Love the pic of you and Keith. Looks like you had a good time. Mary G.


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