Thursday, August 11, 2011

At the Fair

The Leavenworth County Fair started Tuesday night, with the traditional parade in Tonganoxie.  We missed this year's parade, because the skid-steer guy came by.  However, tonight, with temps hovering in the high eighties, we decided to go over to the fairgrounds, about three miles away.  There was a very big crowd there, but, since rain is expected tomorrow, I wanted to get there tonight just in case.  Besides, I was hungry for FAIR FOOD!

That was the best funnel cake ever, with apple pie filling on top!
Of all things, despite Indian tacos, beef brisket, tenderloins, hamburgers of every kind, hot dogs galore... we found a 4H club selling delicious pizza slices!  That was our dinner, a slice apiece, and very good.  The funnel cake was dessert! 
We saw cattle large and small

There really weren't just Angus cattle, though they are prevalent here.  There were some Holsteins, some Belties, and some crossbreds mixed in.  There were one or two Holstein bucket calves.

There was a whole lotta lovin' goin' on
and lest you think she was the only one....

Not an angora (the angora was next to her) but also a VERY soft girl. She was getting a belly rub from her friend Keith. Note the eyes drifting off.....
There were these (Shetland) and
these (Durocs)
and many, many more of their kind.
I mentioned to Keith that I never remembered seeing as many goats as were there this year... there was pen after pen.

There were beautiful quilts and
great-looking canned goods

When we left, it was getting dark and the midway was lighting up.
Compared to the fair I went to two weeks ago, in neighboring Wyandotte County, this one was huge.  My home county, Wyandotte, had a wonderful fair for many years.  Now they are re-building at a new fairgrounds, and it will be interesting to compare them next year.  
To the strains of a (lawn) tractor pull in the arena, we came home, tired and happy. 


  1. Oh fairs so much fun. Great pictures. Ours isn't until October, that good for us. It's been over 100 degrees for 30 something degrees. I'll be in Leavenworth sometime in October to pick up a buck Nigerian goat for my girls.

  2. I'm with you. Love the funnel cakes. Mary G.

  3. Neat, neat, neat!!!

    I may have to go to ours this year.

  4. I love the Leavenworth County Fair. Wish I could have gone!


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