Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Balmy Saturday

I got up very early this morning, because I had volunteered to help at the Pancake Breakfast for the Leavenworth County Humane Society.  Pancakes, coffee, and juice were all donated by Applebees, and the Applebees in Leavenworth was the scene of the breakfast.  I rushed through chores, showered, and showed up in time to put an apron on and work tables!  We had a huge turnout (thanks to everyone) and literally ran the restaurant out of syrup.  At ten we were released and the Applebee's folks took over their kitchen again, and I commenced my Saturday chores.  Now I am home, and resting for a bit (I admit they ran me hard) and then going to meet Sherie with Nathan's school supplies and some new clothes to start out the school year.
Tonight we have the TBones, in our last regular game of the season, but I have tickets for a game in 9 days, bought this week. 
Dawn on the "lower forty" with the Spehar's pond just picking up the light. There was mist everywhere.

Tony was waiting at the gate for breakfast.

Butch, Reddy, and Eagle were waiting to get out... they greet me every morning. They are the "pasture" flock, the way Rambo and his flock used to be.  I can't run Rambo with Butch, since Butch only has one eye. For the time being, Butch is king of the pasture. I haven't found EGG ONE from these two girls in ten days. I have NO idea where they are hiding them.
When the new laying house is finished, they'll be captives with the other girls.

Two weeks ago, I started my Christmas shopping.  Each year, I give some little gifts to several people I work with, as a courtesy and because we're friends.  I try to bake up a storm of cookies as well.
I got these from Michaele at Sprout 'N' Wings Farm and they are very, very nice.  I was so glad to get them.
These are scented body butters, and very creamy and good.

I chose Orange Blossom for myself, I love it!
It think if we can, it's good (and fun) to patronize blogger's products... it's helping backyard farmers and crafters and I like supporting them.

The Farm Aid concert is tonight at the new soccer park.  It is the first time they have used it for a concert.  We talked about getting tickets for it, though I have seen Willy Nelson several times in the past  (and Dave Mathews).  I heard some disturbing figures about it this week however, about the abysmal donations to farm organizations made over their 24 years of existence, so decided they were talking the talk, but not walking the walk.  We'll use our TBones tickets instead, but go early, to beat the parking crowd.


  1. I followed the link to learn more about those body butters, but couldn't see anything about them (like a shop link) on her blog. Please help!

  2. Ooo those body butters sound very nice!


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