Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Sudden Storm on Friday

We got about twenty minutes of sprinkles, but it sure looked good.  When we got up to do chores, the sky was sunny and bright.  Keith went and got the morning paper and went in, and I finished up.  When I turned around to face towards the house.... this was happening:
It came from the west, and headed towards the sun....

Yes, that's a thunderhead.

It bathed the yard in the oddest light... it reminded me of the night of the tornado gustnado that took down our old tree last July.
By the time I ran in the house to take my shower and get ready for work, everything got dark.  Then, nothing happened.  
Keith said later (for he left later than I) that it rained very lightly and stopped.  Indeed, 25 miles away at work, it rained for about an hour in a light spattering, and then stopped.  Our 82 degree high for the day turned out to be 96 or 97.  I'm going to water the garden well tonight, as it was hot today. 
This one spent almost the whole afternoon in her spa: 
She got out long enough for me to refresh it at 2 PM, and then again about 4 before I went to church.  It's 7PM right now, and I'm about to change into shorts and go out and feed and water for the last time tonight.
I'll top off the spa again.

Tomorrow I am going to show you some pictures of Teeny's chicks, and tell you something about Lilly and how wonderful she was this week. 


  1. Gustnado! You crack me up. Also spa girl is way too spoiled. Most people say their llamas hate water. This is great. I used to have emus that would do the same thing.

  2. hahaha, do llamas get wrinkled up like people?


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