Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Down for the Count

Had to come home at 12:30 today, probably should not have gone in... flu symptoms from the get-go.  Keith even had to do evening chores, I could not stand up long enough to go outside. 

I felt marginally better at 8:30, went out and shut up, since Keith had fallen asleep early.  Muffy is back!!!  She was perched with Bitsy on the door of the little henhouse when I went out.  I don't know where she had been or what adventures she had, but I was glad to see my beautiful little pullet.  It cheered me after a long day.

Here was the other thing that cheered me... these guys flew!
I was so glad to see at least two of them flying along with their parents and at least four other swallows.  One perched on the edge of the nest... and tonight, three were back in it, and being fed by mom and dad.
Even though the weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow, I'll keep the dogs in so that the babies can get launched right. What a blessing it was to have watched for weeks, just over our own door!


  1. Oh dear, hope you feel better soon!

  2. Sorry you feel bad.

    Those barn swallows are amazing birds.


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