Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Jester's Happy Morning

The leaves are falling fast at the bluff trail at Kelly Grove park in Lansing. 

The path is covered with leaves and hides the 
fallen branches and roots that are so easy to trip on.

I say this because Lilly was so happy to be there again that she pulled me 
headlong down the trail, with Jes running to keep up. 

There is still plenty of beauty to enjoy, though. 

When we came out of the woods, we had some interested cows watching us. 

They came (some running) right up to the fence. 

They were most interested in this guy: 

He was interested in them, too: 

He was not afraid, and in fact, he wanted to play! 

By this time, the whole herd had come up to the fence... 

And they followed us down the fence line to the parking area.  The cows were just as interested as the calves. 

There is so much going on in these woods... here's the proof.  Little worlds all around us. 

There is no tree like this at Kelly Grove... this is the beautiful tree from the Spehar's pond at the old place... I did not get to see it this year, but oh, I have so many pictures of it. 

It won't be long until the color has faded here, but it means Thanksgiving, that 
wonderful holiday we don't celebrate as we should, and 
Christmas... reminding us, I hope, of the real Reason for the Season. 


  1. Jester and the cows are so cute!

    Yes, the holidays are fast approaching.
    Oh my!!!

    M : )

  2. So true the days are flying by but it looks like you are enjoying them to the fullest. I enjoyed the walk in the woods, especially since I don't get a chance to do that much anymore. The cows must have thought you'd come to feed them. So cute nose to nose with the dog.

  3. hahaha, maybe the cows thought Jester was kin to them being the same color. Black and White.
    Love the texture on that leaf.
    We finally got rain after a 4 month drought. Everything here was just before croaking.

  4. Jes looked just like a little cow...............how funny...............that was a relaxing walk.
    stella rose

  5. That looks like a great walk. Stanley LOVES cows!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

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