Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Something Good to Eat

This is a grater. 

These are fresh tomatoes, of which I have a bunch right now. 

I saw a recipe on Facebook a week ago, and tried it. 


This is what a tomato, cut in half, looks like it after you run it over the grater's largest holes. 

You do not have to core them, just rub the slice against the grater.  Use your whole palm to 
hold it against. 

This is what you get. 

(sorry for the mess!) 

Then these ingredients went in... pepper, olive oil, (just a bit), oregano, basil, 
and I held the salt out because it's not good for Keith. 

I salted mine. 

This is what I put it on... beef ravioli.  I warmed the sauce up for 20 seconds in the microwave, poured it on, and poured on some parmesan cheese. 


About the freshest sauce you could make! 


  1. That save a few steps, never thought of that. Always scald and skin the tomatoes. This seems very easy and looks quite good.

  2. I saw this on Facebook...but hadn't seen anyone use it...looks totally delish!!

  3. Sounds good and looks delicious ! Never thought of using a grater like that!

  4. Oh yes, fresh as can be! Looks really delicious.


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