Monday, October 12, 2015

A Long, Long Post

I have a fan-girl crush for the Fab Four Tribute Band, 
I admit it. 

Here they are, Paul, George, Ringo and John. 

They just played a song with pink guitars and drumsticks, 
as a benefit for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 

Those guitars were auctioned off after this pose by 
"Ed Sullivan" who introduces them each show, and provides 
comedy relief.  (George Trullinger). 

"Ed" managed to get nearly $6000.00 for those 

We got to sit in the front row, but sadly, 
we missed the backstage "meet and greet" for 
which I had passes, as I did not remember the correct 

We were dead center, on top of it.  
While I wouldn't want to always sit in the front row, inches from the stage, it was 
a blast for one night. 

We were encouraged to stand for
about 4 songs.  Here's Chris (and everyone else) leaning on the edge of the stage, 
watching.  He was not familiar with Beatle's music, but recognized 3 songs. 

It was his first concert. 

Here's Doug Couture as George, during the Sgt. Pepper segment. 

Doug was subbing for Gavin Pring, who is the "regular" George, 
and was out for surgery. 
Doug was amazing. 
(fan girl sigh) 

My fave, Ron McNeil as John Lennon. 

Neil Candelora as Paul McCartney. 

Amazing Erik Fidel as Ringo Starr. 

As if the concert wasn't enough... I had put in a full day at the Ag Hall on Friday, 
and then we had THIS on Saturday morning: 

Oh. My. Gosh. 

They didn't stop for two hours.  That's birthday girl Paiton in the black shirt, and the cheetah pants, ever the fashionista. 

It was The Birthday Party.  It was at the Ag Hall. 

This is about it for pictures, I was so busy I did not get but about ten. 

Jax was in there somewhere, he was actually celebrating his birthday, and Paiton's is tomorrow, they were born one year apart, three days apart, and everyone thinks they are twins. 

We went to school in the Island Creek schoolhouse, and the kids learned about the Good Ole Days. 
Then we did chores the old way, fed the chickens, and learned about bees. 

We literally ran through the farmhouse (too risky!). 

Then it was time for a train ride.  Here I stop to pat myself on the 
back.  I got into the train, and tried to start it. 



I called Judy, who was there on a Saturday. 

She had just given two rides to the other birthday party that had been going on. 

There was a dead pause after I said 

"I can't get it started".  

Then a big laugh.

"I have the key!"

She jumped into our golf cart and ran it down to me, and 
off we went, no problem. 

My son rode around four times with me, at the back of the train... and told me 
yesterday that I went VERY slowly.  I laughed, because I know I slow to nothing on the trestle (scary) and going out of the tunnel now there is a new tie, and we were told to go slowly over it while it settles.  I err on the side of caution.
Anyway, the thing of which I am MOST proud is the fact that 
after the party, I managed to drive around and park the train in the tunnel 

I got it centered and got the tunnel gates shut ALL BY MYSELF. 
First time. 

I don't even have ONE picture. 

My favorite song, Revolution. 

Sorry, had to put this in. 

The dogs were so glad to see Chris, they love him. 
They love ALL the grands. 

We did a TON of this, in between everything else. 

Chris took Lil, while I handled Jes. 

There are a ton more pictures from the weekend and today, so I'll save some 
for tomorrow... but I guess everyone is aware that KC is 
in Royals fever again, for the second October. 

Here's our Sheets boys (Keith's daughter, Amber, and Jesse)

Jace, Hayden and Carson
Go, Royals!!!


  1. Live music IS different; I hope Chris enjoyed the concert!

  2. I know you and Chris had a good time!
    Great photos!

  3. Sounds like a very full- and FUN- time was had by all!

  4. Looks like a great weekend! What a perfect place to have a birthday party.

  5. A blast. I bet you were tired :) after all this!

  6. What a perfect weekend. Family, friends and The Beatles...not much can top all that.

  7. We would have loved that concert. Mom said she would be singing all the songs! Great photos!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Great pictures.
    The kids are so cute.
    Love the last one with the Royals shirts!

    M : )


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