Monday, October 5, 2015

Another Wild Weekend

I thought weekends were time for rest. 

Not here, lately. 

Here's Grandpa Keith at the Wyco Sluggers game last night. 
Let me tell you, it was cold out there!  The very lowest 50's, and 
he reminded me ten times his new Carhartt jacket was keeping 
him mighty warm. 

I'm wearing my old pink Carhartt next weekend, for the last game. 

Jax is always intense on the field.  It helps if you hold your tongue in your cheek, and he runs the bases like this, too. 

He is playing first base lately. 

I would have to say all the boys love the game. 

They are so much fun to watch. 

(you know I have to shoot through the fence, for the most part) 

My daughter in law, Amy, is a very supportive sports mom. 

I love this picture of her, she did not know I was taking it.  
She is not the yelling bad things kind of mom to the kids, but the encouraging yeller. 

Of course, our beautiful Paiton, along with her "gang" (all the other brothers and sisters of players) was running around having a good time. 

This morning, the Polack Brothers Circus is setting up at the National Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame.

They will be doing a show at 5 PM and 7 PM today, and again, tomorrow. 
I took pictures of the tent going up after I ran to the post for a medical procedure. 

I belonged to Circus Fans Association for years, NEVER have I seen women help put a tent up, and let me tell you, these young men and women had it down to a science! 

Within 30 minutes, the tent was going up! 

Those are the big baling rings for the four center poles laying on the ground there, and there are three young women in this picture. 

Within an hour... it was up. 

And the human cannonball's canon was moved in. 

The sidewalls began to go up at that point, and props were being unloaded from a truck. 
Oh, seats had also been moved into place on their trailer. 

This canvas looks almost brand-new, but the show is on it's way in to winter 
quarters in Hugo, Oklahoma. 

Maybe an hour to get the tent up, but still have props to set, etc.  
It's a one-ring show, but I like small shows. 

I'm going to the 5 PM performance. 

I had to wander out into the pasture to get decent pictures, and I found a patch of flowers still being worked by bumblebees!  It was a chilly morning and the bumbles were all quiet, and easy to watch. 

Pictures of the show tomorrow! 


  1. those are really good pictures, his tongue in cheek does show how much he is concentrating....yes dad started work today....stella rose

  2. has anyone ever told you how much paiton resembles you?

  3. Glad that the kids are having a good time!
    That is the way it should be.
    Paiton is a beauty for sure!!

    M : )

  4. the pictures show a good time for everyone,, even the bee!

  5. What a beautiful circus tent! Lots of fun always at the circus ! Chilly for baseball but soon it will be over. Those flowers are lovely, they'll be gone soon too. Very bittersweet time of year.

  6. Your grandchildren are so cute! I'd say you guys are very supportive grandparents...they will remember how you came to their sporting events! I hope you enjoyed the circus...I've never been to one. Ever!

  7. Since our cold snap, I haven't seen any bees. Still seeing horseflies though.

    It was quite nippy over the weekend for us.

    Have fun at the circus.


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