Saturday, October 3, 2015

Some Sad News

Today, we have a gorgeous day here in NE Kansas... temps in the 60's, sun shining, very little clouds. 

A beautiful day to be outside. 

There is sadness in our world, though... so please, 
pray for those suffering from the effects of Hurricane Joaquin, 
and for those who are suffering the loss of hurt and loved ones in 

I also ask for particular prayers for my friend Donna Adams Madigan. 
Donna, her husband Kevin Madigan, and their friend Jim Windsor farm
a large farm in Ontario, Canada.  Yesterday, Kevin suffered a massive heart attack 
and passed away. 

Donna has many physical problems, and depended so very much on her 
husband, and is devastated, to say the least.  Their friends in Canada and America are shocked and overwhelmed. 

Donna was a great help to me when our two goat wethers were suffering  two years ago, 
by phone and by email.  I valued her advice, and we have maintained our online 
friendship for several years.  Donna blogs at 
Our Forest Haven , when she is well enough now to blog, 
and also has a Facebook page. 
Please take a second to remember her in your prayers. 

We took a truncated walk in the city park in Basehor last night. 
Unfortunately, I forgot the doggy clean-up bags, I won't do that again. 

I had not been in the park all summer, and was shocked to see that the lovely community gardens from last year appeared abandoned, with the exception of two or three plots. 
I think this is just a great program in Basehor, and I wonder why it has come asunder. 

We checked a LOT of pee mail. 

This morning, we tried Kelly Grove Park in Lansing, and we will be back there, for sure!  It was all in the woods, and went up hill and down dale, across shale, and through dry creekbeds. The dogs and I had a blast. 

You see we are having gorgeous weather, but the woods were not without peril... notice the poison ivy going up the tree?  I found numerous patches of PI throughout the woods. 

Today, the Ag Hall received a replica of the first Cummings bulldozer. 

Yes, indeedy, it took three men to unload it, as the driver's wife and I watched and took pictures. 

Look at those huge tires! 

Our volunteer John finally hooked it up to the front end loader and pulled it off to the pavilion, where our volunteers will get it running. 

Here is why I was at the Ag Hall... to clean the chicken house.  I brought them some corn and mashed potatoes from last night's dinner. 

The feathers?  

They are moulting, and not laying right now.  
They have a nice clean house for the time being, and I'll be taking care of them, I think, for the time being. 
They are lovely hens, only the four of them. 
White Plymouth Rocks. 

Someone above was mighty interested in what I was doing. 

When I got home, I had to take a picture to show you the tomatoes on my remaining bush in the 
planter out in front.  I have already taken the cherry tomato in the other planter out... but my gosh, can you see the tomatoes on this one!  And, they are ripening!  

We are having fresh tomato sauce on beef ravioli for supper tonight. 

Last night, I was also privileged to spend an hour or so with my classmates from 
the Bishop Ward Class of 1968.  I did not get pictures, as it was very dark on the patio where we met. 
You could not meet a nicer group of people... and we still look pretty darn good! 


  1. Mary Ann, I am so sorry to hear about Donna's husband. What a shock that is. She is a precious person with such a big heart.

    I will keep her in my heart and prayers.

  2. Mary Ann, thank you for the info. I met Donna and Kevin a few years ago when they wee passing through our town. Great folks! I hope Donna will be ok. She is a lover of life!

  3. I am very, very, very sorry to hear about Donna's husband.

  4. So sorry to hear about your friend's husband.

  5. Thank you for sharing this information...I hadn't been to her blog before but I went today and joined and read back through posts. What an amazing inspiration she is. I'm so sorry she is going through that, we will keep her in our thoughts and prayers.

  6. Life is so precious,,,, and its sad when sorrow comes , We are so sorry

  7. What a bittersweet entry. I do pray for those suffering the tragedies going on. I can certainly relate to your friend who's husband died from the massive heart attack as that is how I lost my DDH some 20 years ago now. Those chickens don't know how lucky they are to be in your care. I know you'll be giving them some TLC. Nice park you got to walk in too. It's been a good long time since I was for a walk in the woods. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday !

  8. Poor Donna. I've been following her blog for a couple of years. I hope her health will not cause her to have to leave her beloved farm. Prayers for her!

  9. oh no!!! i don't know how donna will handle this. kevin was her world. i'll check in on her. so so sad.

  10. I'm heartbroken at the news about Kevin. I found Donna's blog through yours a couple years ago and have been so inspired by everything they did and her strength through her health issues. She's a wonderful person, and I'll be sending prayers her way. One thing I notice and appreciate about your blog is how caring you are as a person, and I want to thank you for the frequent reminders to think about others, human and animal, and to be a good person.

  11. oh no, poor Donna. I'm so sorry to hear that!

    my hen must be molting too, she is not laying

  12. I'm sorry to hear of your friend's loss. I will be thinking of her.


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