Friday, October 9, 2015

Another Brief Post

Friends, I am sorry for the lack of posts this week. 

It has been some week! 

My dear friend Deb (The Three Little Pugs) is still in need of 
prayers... her husband has had complications and is still at the 
level one trauma center, with broken vertebrae in his back, 
and a blockage somewhere in his abdomen. 

She has a two hour drive back and forth to the hospital, and is 
worn out. 

I can identify, having recently gone through it. 

Look who is back! 

Christopher is here to help us this weekend, we have so much going on. 
Keith will be getting a hospital bed delivered on Tuesday, and Chris came 
up to get the basement re-arranged so that the bed he has been using can 
be broken down, and the more-comfortable hospital bed can be set up. 

He is also doing other jobs for us around the house, and has been a great help. 
Tomorrow night, we are going to the Fab Four concert at the Midland Theater. This Beatles tribute band is great, and I have seen them several times before.  Based on this... KCPT, our local public tv station, sent me tickets when I made my pledge for the FRONT ROW!  

Chris has never been to a concert, so this should be fun. 

He doesn't know yet, other than to know we are going out somewhere. 

This is a horrible picture of a walking stick on Chris's back. 
I tried to get a decent picture with the little camera, and didn't have much luck.  

I had never seen one closeup! 

There was fog out on Thursday morning when we set out to walk.... but this is a frequent view in Leavenworth County these days.  

The big trucks are everywhere. 

Tomorrow is the birthday party for Jax and Paiton, at the 
Ag Hall... and the concert.  Sunday is our bazaar at church, 
and Jax's last baseball game. 
I'm going to try to get back to nature photos sometime Monday, thanks for your patience! 


  1. Just said a prayer for ALL of you.

  2. Praying for your friends and for you all too! Hope you have a wonderful weekend !

  3. Praying.

    It is so wonderful to have willing good help.

    Enjoy your FRONT ROW. I'm excited and I can't go!

  4. We are keeping Deb and Butch in our prayers

  5. We feel like we walked into the movie after it already started so now we're gonna sit a spell and catch up on the story.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Sorry to hear about Deb's husband.

    It's great having Chris to help you out. I know he'll enjoy that concert.


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