Tuesday, October 13, 2015

And More Weekend...

Sunday night was the Sluggers' last game for the fall season. 

Coach Andrew asked them a very important question after the game. 

"Did you have fun?"

The answer was a resounding YES. 

I enjoyed watching these kids so much, not just because Jax was on the team. 
The dads were so good to them.

Here they are before the game.  You just have to be so thankful to parents who 
will do this for the kids, it's not just the games, it's the practices, etc.

By the way, that's my grandson NOT looking at the camera. 

Son Jim, not pictured, was the bench coach that night. 

I know baseball is losing little league teams right and left, but 
the tradition still goes on in Wyandotte and Leavenworth counties. 

Go, Sluggers! 

I saw this beautiful bird on the way home from the church bazaar that morning. 

Dawn on Monday was gorgeous, and the day turned out to be, too. We have hit fall weather. 

Chris and I took the dogs for a walk before I took him home to Garnett. 

This nest was in the top of a tree along the trail, it was a big nest. 

The falls at Angel Falls.  I can imagine that they will be 
really full in the spring. 

The dogs love this trail. 

I took them to Kelly Grove this morning, and it was too much for 
Jester, for some reason. 

(the hills) 

Everything is so beautiful right now. 

This is NOT the same hawk. 

I drove by the Big Ditch... no migrating birds yet. 

I did see two tiny ducks on the Ag Hall pond last Friday, so 
I'll be watching for more in the next few weeks. 
We have only four more weekends before closing for winter. 

I'll try to get caught up on everyone's blogs this week! 


  1. Such detail in that second hawk photo! Incredible!

  2. Nice photos, especially the sunset.

  3. Great thing.... dad's and boys and baseball!

    Beautiful pictures, and that sunset is stunning!


  4. You do have some wonderful subjects there to take pictures of. People and places! And of course the wildlife and your dogs. This beautiful season of color seems to go by way too fast.

  5. I'm glad Jax is able to play baseball. Great sport for kids.

    Good pics Mary Ann.

  6. Wow those photos are so clear!! Will you be having migrating birds!! Oh we cannot wait to see!
    Love the photo of Chris and Lilly on the bridge! And the water!!

  7. Great shots! The one on the bridge looks like a place nearby to us! FYI: Friday we will be announcing a Blog Hop sponsored by Lee & Phod with the theme of "HUGS". It is dedicated to Butch & Deb and the blog hop will happen on the 22nd. We know you will want to pawticipate in it and thought we;d give you a heads up!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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