Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Trying to Catch Up

It seems just a minute ago I posted on Sunday. 

On Monday, I ran down and got Chris again, and he worked steadily for us on 
Monday and Tuesday.  This morning, we went back down to Garnett. 

The weather has been great, and we took advantage of it.  It was very 
windy, though, so we didn't get as much gardening done as we expected. 
Next week, things will be quieter here after 3 weeks of constant running. 

Friday and Saturday is the Great Midwest Balloon Fest at the Ag Hall. 

I'm helping Friday and Saturday, again.  Then, only two more weeks before 
we close for the winter. 

I dropped brownies off at church on Tuesday morning... and drove by the Big Ditch afterwards. 
I saw nary a turkey, hawk, or deer. 

I am watching for the little migrating birds to come. 

The grasses are gorgeous now. 

Here's our friend the black/red squirrel again. 

I posted this on Facebook, he is just so darn pretty. 

He was almost posing for me. 

The little pond disappears more every day.  Thursday night and Friday are supposed to be bringing us some much-needed rain. 

I'm ashamed to tell you I don't know what this is, but they are all over Kelly Grove Park. 

We walked at the bottom of the park on Tuesday.  This park is very interesting... I talked to Lansing Parks and Recs, and got a very enthusiastic man on the phone who confirmed what I had suspected, there is no path down from the bluff to the lower part of the park. 

Chris is standing on a bench, looking down onto the creek... can you see the bluff in front of him? 

That's the bluff on whose top I've been walking!

You can see through the trees and see the limestone bluff. 

It's a beautiful place. 

We walked at Angel Falls trail last night, and I asked Chris to stop and let me take his picture with the dogs.  We are so thankful for his help these last two months. 

I'm going to try to get good pictures of the Balloon Fest... if my camera will cooperate! 


  1. I saw a bluebird yesterday. I only see them in the early spring and late fall, I expect he'll be headed your way any time now.

  2. That's a great photo of Chris posing with the dogs!

  3. Really beautiful pictures, loved the unknown berry pic!

  4. Your Chris is such a handsome boy and such a help to you. That is a wonderful picture of him with the dogs. A keeper for sure!

  5. What a gorgeous walk! I would love something like that. And that's a very handsome squirrel. The only place I've seen black ones has been Washington DC. We used to have white ones where I lived in the western Carolinas. They were neat too.

  6. Love that last photo!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. God bless Chris, for his generous and loving heart. It's clear that he's been a huge help to you :)

    Love the picture of Chris and the dogs.. so sweet.


  8. Love your blog and all the lovely pictures you post. This may not be the place to ask this but I am wondering if your home in the country is for sale. We may be making a move to that area and want to find a country place. Nannie

    1. Nannie, our place has a contract on it, and the people who want to buy are currently renting as of October 1. There are many, many small properties in this area for sale at the moment, though! I hope you look at Leavenworth County, it is so well-run and so beautiful.

    2. Thank you Mary Ann for your reply. If our son makes a move to the KC area we will probably follow. He will be working at Westside family church, if you know where that is. We have a 5 acre place right now and I raise chickens and would love to continue that. Time will tell. So I may be back in contact on this in the future and pick your brain :) Nannie

  9. Your last photo is so good a portrait! And that black-red squirrel, I wish we had a family of those here, very photogenic!

  10. I have not seen that particular breed of squirrel, interesting.
    The picture of Chris, Lily and Jester is great!

    Have fun at the Balloon Fest, it should be busy, busy.

    M : )

  11. What an amazingly beautiful place to visit.

    I hope me a black squirrel. They are so beautiful

  12. Wow, that squirrel is amazing. So glad you were able to get pictures of him.
    That's a really neat place to explore. Good help is hard to find. Glad you have Chris.


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