Friday, May 30, 2014

The Last of the Iris Show

The spring flower show is almost over, but the June show is coming on, I will take some pictures to show you tomorrow. 

Today... we moved MORE STUFF.  I stop here to tell you, friends, that if you need 
storage buildings for your stuff, you have TOO MUCH STUFF. 

I could not have moved these things alone... these two, Chris and his girlfriend Haleigh, 
did ALL the heavy lifting, took the shelves apart... I honestly don't know how they moved a dresser that was horribly heavy.  We were going to give it up... but I need a dresser for tablecloths, etc. 

We are almost to the end.  In three weeks, we move all the things we are selling down to the consignment auction, then fix the house up... and we are looking at an August rental. 

While this guy is laying down on the job! 

Truly, Keith has been admitted to the VA Medical Center at Leavenworth for a few days... 
so is getting out of all the moving drama!  Please say a prayer for him, if you think of him. 

We had a pop up storm tonight... it has already gone over... but we did get a good rain for ten minutes, and a short power fluctuation.  

Monday and Tuesday bring more chances of storms, which we need. 

More pictures of our labors tomorrow, and an update on my dear spouse! 


  1. I will definitely keep Keith (and you) in my thoughts and prayers. I hope it isn't anything too serious...

  2. Wow, that blue iris is gorgeous! (If I lived closer, I'd be knocking on your door, begging to trade something for a clump of it!) :) Prayers for Keith, and for your family as you finish up the move and get ready to rent out your house!

  3. So sorry to hear that in the midst of all the moving your Keith has wound up in the hospital May the dear Lord bless him with healing and good health and guide the hands of the doctors caring for him too.

  4. Hope Keith is better soon. Will keep him (& you) in my prayers. Those flowers are so beautiful, especially the Iris'.

  5. I do hope Keith is feeling better soon. My prayers are with you.

  6. Get well soon, Keith! I know this is likely too soon, but you have lost so much this past year, so, when things slow a bit, follow this link.

  7. You're a brave lady to take on a rental; my folks did rentals for several years and it always seemed like trouble. Hope Keith bounces outta there soon!

  8. Mary Ann,

    Sending prayers for Keith to get well soon!!!
    I'm happy to hear you have help moving the last bit of stuff.
    Soon all will be done with your old home and it will be rented before you know it.
    Remember to take care of yourself too while doing all of the moving and taking care of Keith.
    Sending hugs and prayers to you both.

  9. Always sending prayers for you and Keith,,, and were so thankful for your helpers!

  10. You must have published after I left for the day on Friday. Sorry to hear that Keith had to go to the hospital. Believe me from my hospital experiences, I'm sure he would have much rather been moving.

    Get well soon Keith.


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